The Women of Code Black show vs. real life

Who doesn’t love a good medical drama? There is always a constant flow of medical shows on TV from the soap opera antics of a Grey’s Anatomy to a more procedural medical show such as Chicago Med. Some shows love to explore to funny side of a hospital like the irreverent sitcom Scrubs. Then there’s the gritty and controversial behind-the-scenes look at life as a fancy doctor in the raunchy drama Nip/Tuck. There’s definitely something for everyone when it comes to satisfying their medical series appetites.


For three seasons fans were treated to Code Black. The medical drama took place in a criminally understaffed emergency room where the staff of doctors and nurses deal with some of the most extreme medical cases ever. Fans and critics alike loved the series for its refreshing take on working emergency room cases. The drama was high and featured a cast of dynamic, interesting, and dedicated characters. It’s a thrill to watch the quick-talking and witty women on this show try to make the best out of dire circumstances at unpredictable moments. The network cancelled the show after three seasons and it will be sorely missed. Look back at your favorite female characters and where the actresses are today.

Marcia Harden as Dr. Leanne Rorish

As one of the more senior cast members in Code Black, Dr. Leanne Rorish has a tough task on her hand. Not only does she work at Angels Memorial Hospital as an attending ER physician, but she is also the ER Residency Director – which means she is in charge of all of the residents struggling to get through their first year. Although she is a natural teacher, Dr. Rorish has her own unconventional methods that don’t always go down well with her colleagues. Her high rate of resident dropouts also didn’t work in her favor, but the residents she did train were pretty darn epic.

Marcia Harden in real life

Although we now know her for her time on Code Black, Marcia Harden has actually had a hugely successful acting career that has spanned across nearly three decades. As an actress of both the stage and the screen, Marci has used her talents within movies, TV shows, and Broadway musicals and has won Tony Awards and been nominated for Emmy Awards. Could she get any cooler? In recent years, Marcia has taken on the role of Grace Trevelyan Grey in the sensual movie series, Fifty Shades of Grey, as well as the role of Hannah Keating in the crime drama, How To Get Away With Murder.

Bonnie Somerville as Dr. Christa Lorenson

After Dr. Christa Lorenson’s son passed away when he was just four years old after a battle with cancer, she decided to learn everything she could about medicine and help others. So, she took herself to medical school and soon wound up at Angels Memorial Hospital as a first-year resident. Because she is the oldest out of all of the first-year residents, it’s easy to see that Christa is much more mature and insightful than the rest of the doctors. However, she often wears her heart on her sleeve and gets too emotionally attached to her patients and her job – which often lands her in hot water with Dr. Leanne Rorish.

Bonnie Somerville in real life

As an actress and a singer, Bonnie Somerville seems to have it all! During the course of her career, Bonnie has scored herself guest roles in major TV shows such as the sitcom, Friends, and the teen soap opera, The O.C. Bonnie has also been able to make her way into the world of movies and has recently finished production of a brand new musical rom-com called A Star Is Born. When she’s not acting, Bonnie is singing alongside the likes of Hugh Laurie, Chris Kelley, Bob Guiney and Jesse Spencer in their band, Band From TV.

Melanie Chandra as Dr. Malaya Pineda

Angels Memorial Hospital is like a second home to this first-year resident, as Dr. Malaya Pineda not only trained at the hospital, but she also undertook an internship within its walls. Thanks to her book-smart attitude and her high intelligence, Malaya is one of the most dedicated residents within the team. However, she often forgets to look behind the statistics and the numbers, and she soon realizes that she cannot find all of her answers through research and intricate tests. Although she is tough, Dr. Mayala’s stubborn attitude often gets in the way of forming friendships and bonds with others.

Melanie Chandra in real life

As a model, actress, and philanthropist, Melanie Chandra definitely has a full schedule on her hands, but that hasn’t stopped her from wowing viewers with her medical knowledge on Code Black. Outside of the show, Melanie has maintained a steady flow of work on television, and has starred in crime shows such as Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and NCIS: Los Angeles. She has also been a recurring character in the Netflix show, Brown Nation. When she’s not acting, Melanie is providing free healthcare for people who live in rural India with her non-profit charity, Hospital For Hope.

Angela Relucio as Risa Park

Although she may not be a main character or resident doctor at Angel Memorial Hospital, Risa Parks is a recurring character who proves that she has the capabilities to be a darn good nurse. Working primarily in the ER department, Risa often struggles under the pressure of the patients and the workload but manages to pull through and pull her weight within the team. However, her time in the hospital hasn’t been easy. After getting in the crossfire between doctors and performing surgery on one of her own doctors, it wasn’t all plain sailing for Risa.


Angela Relucio in real life

After making her acting debut in a movie short in 2006, Angela Relucio has managed to work her way up into stardom and on the sets of some of the most famous TV sets of all time. Indeed, Angela has worked on famous American TV dramas such as Days of Our Lives, The Bold and the Beautiful, and Playdates Anonymous. While most of us now know her as Risa Park in Code Black, it seems she is becoming an increasingly important character, which means a leading role could be on the horizon.

Nafessa Williams as Charlotte Piel

Charlotte Piel was the kind of character who had everything going for her and was incredibly talented at everything she put her mind to. After having a successful acting career, Charlotte decided to make the transition from the world of acting to the world of medicine. After undertaking her medical training, she was given residency in the ER at Angels Memorial Hospital. Sadly, her medical career came to an end in the hospital, after she was shot in the hospital waiting room. She did not recover and will not be returning for the next season.

Nafessa Williams in real life

Although Nafessa Williams has only been acting for seven years, she has made a huge impact on the world of Hollywood and has worked on major movies and TV shows. In fact, she made her debut in the Meek Mill production, The Streets. Since then, she has landed herself recurring roles on soap operas such as One Life To Live and Code Black. However, she isn’t too sad about the fact that she won’t be stepping foot back in Angels Memorial Hospital, as Nafessa has since scored herself a role as Anissa Pierce in the superhero series, Black Lightning.

Moon Bloodgood as Rox Valenzuela

Although we’ve yet to see Moon Bloodgood as Rox Valenzuela in Code Black as she will be making her debut in season 3, we just couldn’t not include her in this list! Although we don’t know a huge amount about her character, we do know what she’ll look like in her uniform, and where she will be in terms of casting. After we were introduced to Rob Lowe’s brand new character at the end of season 2 (called Dr. Willis), we now know that Rox Valenzuela will serve as his ride-along partner for the duration of season 3. Now you have even more reason to tune in!

Moon Bloodgood in real life

With her unique name and her beauty, Moon Bloodgood managed to score herself a role within the Laker Girls cheerleading squad, before embarking on a hugely successful modeling career. In 2006, Moon landed her first professional acting role and has since managed to maintain a constant flow of acting work. When she’s not appearing in Code Black, Moon is using her voice to her advantage to voice Ariel the Archangel in the popular video game, Darksiders. As if she wasn’t cool enough, Moon is also married to the famous screenwriter, Grady Hall.

Christina Vidal as Dr. Gina Perello

Like Charlotte Piel, Dr. Gina Perella was a hugely successful doctor whose life was cut short. After Dr. Taylor left Angels Memorial Hospital on a leave of absence, they brought in the talented Dr. Gina Perello as their replacement Director of the Emergency Department. Unfortunately, she didn’t manage to complete her run in charge, after she was caught in an altercation between herself and Dr. Mayala’s dangerous stalker. She was killed in the hospital in a brutal event. Her passing caused a major stir in the hospital.

Christina Vidal in real life

If you’re wondering where you recognize Christina Vidal from, you might want to envisage red streaks in her hair – as she landed her big break when she starred alongside Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis in Freaky Friday! Since then, Christina has split her time between singing and acting and has worked up a pretty impressive resume. In recent years, Christina has favored television over Hollywood, and has worked on crime shows such as Major Crimes and Blue Bloods, and has recently starred in the crime drama, Sneaky Pete.

Emily Tyra as Noa Kean

We were first introduced to the character of Noa Kean in season 2, and from what we can see, she will be an even bigger character in season 3! As a resident in the ER, Noa spends most of her time working under the instruction of Dr. Leanne Rorish and Mario. However, things get a little complicated when Noa embarks on a relationship with her instructor. Nevertheless, she still manages to impress her superiors with her knowledge of medicine, as well as her interaction with patients. We can’t wait to see what she has in store for next season.

Emily Tyra in real life

Emily’s striking red hair is truly something to be envious of – but it seems she also has a pretty cool life as well. As a singer, dancer, and actress, Emily is a triple threat that we can imagine will soon go from strength to strength in the world of Hollywood. In the past few years, Emily’s acting credits have been pretty sparse, but she has managed to impress many directors and producers in Hollywood. In fact, she has recently just wrapped up filming for two new movies, where she starred alongside the likes of Lou Ferrigno and Munro Chambers. This is just the start for Emily Tyra!

Jillian Murray as Dr. Heather Pinkney

While Dr. Heather Pinkney appeared in seasons 1 and season 2, it’s fair to say that she won’t be making a triumphant return in season 3 – considering she was bitten by a patient with a deadly virus that ultimately leads to her passing. Just like her passing, Dr. Heather Pinkney’s time in Code Black was incredibly dramatic. As a first-year resident, Heather felt overwhelmed by hospital life but soon found solace by dating both Mario and Dr. Campbell at once. Things get even worse for this doctor when her superiors discover that she is secretly giving Angus resources from the hospital.

Jillian Murray in real life

After making her debut in 2003, Jillian Murray has gone from strength to strength as an actress and a model. When she was younger, Jillian started off her career within children’s shows, such as Sonny With A Chance. She later left the world of children’s TV behind her to go in search of a movie career – and she definitely managed to find it! In recent years, she has taken on roles within major movies such as the comedy, Cougar Hunting, and the psychological thriller, Windsor Drive. She has just finished filming a brand new action movie called Dark Ascension.

Emily Nelson as Hannah Reynolds

Like Risa Park, Hannah Reynolds is a valuable asset to the ER department as a nurse and was able to show her talent and her ability to maintain her composure throughout seasons 1 and 2 of Code Black. With her understanding of medicine and her ability to get on with those around her, Hannah forms friendships with the other nurses and the doctors and is known around the hospital as someone who can truly be relied on in times of need. So far, it’s not known as to whether she will return for season 3 of the show.

Emily Nelson in real life

Although we know her as an actress in Code Black, it seems as though Emily Nelson is also trying to make it as a director. Since breaking out into the acting world in 2004, Emily has since worked on major TV shows and numerous movie shorts. Although she has never had a role quite as big as her role on Code Black, she has been cast as minor characters on comedy shows such as Melissa & Joey and the crime drama, Bones. She also starred as Hillary in the hugely popular rom-com, Made of Honour.