What have the women of FX’s Anger Management been up to?

Shortly after his dramatic departure from his long-time role on the CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men, Charlie Sheen made his big comeback by starring in the FX comedy series, Anger Management. The much-anticipated show, which premiered in June 2012, was based on the 2003 film with the same name. Charlie starred in the role originally played by Jack Nicholson in the movie, as a former minor league baseball player named Charlie Goodson who struggles in his career due to his bad temper. After taking control of his anger issues, and making it to the big league, he has a relapse and ends up breaking the baseball bat over his knee in a fit of rage, causing a career-ending injury.

The unfortunate incident acts as a wake up call for Charlie, who is then inspired to go back to school and become an anger management therapist himself. Of course, he wasn’t the only star of the series…


On the show, Charlie is often spending his time getting advice from his therapist/sometimes lover Dr. Kate Wales (Selma Blair), leading his unique group of anger management patients, arguing with his ex-wife Jennifer (Shawnee Smith), and trying to use his therapist techniques on his teenage daughter Sam (Daniela Bobadilla), who has obsessive compulsive disorder.

Besides the main characters of the series, was a fabulous list of guest stars, who were, not surprisingly, usually beautiful women who acted as Charlie’s love interest. Even Charlie’s real-life ex-wife, the stunning Denise Richards, stopped by the set for a couple iconic episodes.

Unfortunately, the series did not match up anywhere close to the success of Two and a Half Men, like Charlie and the show’s producers were hoping for. Although the first season’s debut episode broke records with a whopping 5.74 million viewers, the ratings dropped during its second season and Anger Management was cancelled, after receiving an overall negative response.

Despite the harsh criticism the show received, it still gained a large group of dedicated fans who were left devastated after hearing about the series cancellation in December 2014.

Since it has already been quite a few years since we last saw the cast of Anger Management, why not take some time to catch up with what they have been up to? For this list, in particular, we would like to focus on the gorgeous and talented women of the series, who helped create some of the most entertaining and memorable scenes.

Shawnee Smith as Jennifer Goodson

Played by the lovely Shawnee Smith, Jennifer Goodson is Charlie Goodson’s ex-wife. The pair were high school sweethearts, and got married as soon as they graduated. Unfortunately, Charlie’s poor behavior and lack of loyalty in the marriage, particularly while he was traveling as a minor league baseball player, resulted in divorce. They have a teenage daughter together named Sam, who was born right before their split. Despite their breakup, Jennifer manages to somewhat get along with Charlie, although she is quick to insult him whenever possible.

Shawnee Smith now

After her Anger Management role came to an end, Shawnee starred in the 2016 made-for-TV family-comedy movie Savannah Sunrise. That same year, she appeared in a holiday-drama film titled Believe. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen much of Shawnee on-screen since then, and it seems like the mother-of-two has chosen to take a break from acting, although she does still make frequent appearances at horror movie conventions, where she speaks about her former role in the Saw movie franchise.

Anna Hutchison as Sasha

Anna Hutchison joined the cast as a recurring character during the show’s second season. She portrayed Sasha, a woman who works as a call girl and dates Charlie for a short period of time. While spending a wild night out in Las Vegas together, the two decide on a whim to get married. Safe to say, they both end up regretting their decision shortly after, and their marriage is ended before it ever really began.

Anna Hutchison now

The former Yellow Cheetah Ranger of Power Rangers Jungle Fury, got cast in numerous movies after saying goodbye to her on-screen ex-hubby Charlie in 2014. She appeared in the 2015 comedy Bachelors, as well as the 2016 drama-thriller Sugar Mountain. In 2017, she starred alongside Nicolas Cage in the action-crime Vengeance: A Love Story. Her next movie role will be in the upcoming 2018 sci-fi film Encounter, where she will be co-starring with Luke Hemsworth.

Elaine Hendrix as Warden Hartley

Another memorable guest role on Anger Management was Elaine Hendrix. The actress appeared for a total of three episodes during the middle-end of the second season. She portrayed Warden Hartley, the newest, attractive warden of the prison where Charlie and Jordan work. Charlie is put in a difficult situation after the disapproving new warden tries to cut his and Jordan’s prison therapy group, so he attempts to do his best in order to change her mind.

Elaine Hendrix now

Since her appearance on Anger Management, the former villainess Meredith of The Parent Trap has had various roles. She appeared in a horror-comedy Kids vs. Monsters, where she played a wealthy woman named Mary, and portrayed Ann Alcott in the 2017 comedy about a bohemian Seattle DJ Swing State. She was last seen starring as nurse Marci in a drama called Shot, and Judy in a short horror film called The Candle.

Schuyler Helford as Sateen

Schuyler Helford made an appearance in several episodes during second season. She played Sateen aka Lacey’s little sister. Sateen and Lacey are constantly bickering over pretty much everything. Lacey brings Sateen along with her to Charlie’s group, claiming that she doesn’t want her to end up like her, but they just argue the whole time. After insulting Charlie and the group multiple times, he recommends that she join the group permanently – which Sateen was not so keen on.

Schuyler Helford now

Schuyler’s role on Anger Management was the new actress’ first professional acting gig. She went on to appear in an episode of ABC’s comedy The Middle shortly after. In 2016, she wrote, produced, and starred in a comedy web series called #Cybriety about two Millennial girls who choose to get rid of their phones, computers, and tablets in order to live a technology-free life. That same year she created and appeared in another web series sitcom about three agoraphobics who move in together and run a spa from their apartment.

Denise Richards as Lori

Charlie’s off-screen ex-wife, Denise Richards, even stopped by for a couple episodes on his show during the first season. She played Lori, Charlie’s “crazy” ex-girlfriend who comes back into his life. The couple starts dating again, only for Charlie to find out that she thinks therapy is just a scam, and he tries to prove her otherwise. He later discovers that she has a bit of an anger issue of her own, and that making her angry makes her want to sleep with him.

Denise Richards now

Although appearing in romantic scenes with your ex on television sounds like it could be awkward, the lovely Denise Richards handled the role like a true pro. After her brief appearance on Anger Management, she starred in the ABC drama-mystery Twisted, which unfortunately only lasted for one season. She then landed another television role in a drama web series called Vanity. More recently, the mother-of-three made a guest appearance in the new Freeform comedy Alone Together.

Kristen Renton as Allie

Kristen Renton appeared in Anger Management for two episodes during the series’ first season. She played a character by the name of Allie, a young, attractive girl who Charlie meets at the coffee shop where she works as a barista. He is soon to find out that she is actually a therapy patient of Kate’s. Although it makes him a bit uncomfortable at the beginning, he doesn’t let it stop him from getting together with her.

Kristen Renton now

The blonde beauty made her big break in 2007 while playing Morgan Hollingsworth in the soap opera Days of Our Lives, followed by a role in the FX thriller Sons of Anarchy as Ima Tite. Since her role with Charlie Sheen, she appeared in the 2016 made-for-TV movie titled Diagnosis Delicious, played a character named Kyra in the short-lived comedy series Dudes, and portrayed Rachel Green in the 2017 thriller film called One Small Indiscretion.

Mercedes Mason as Maggie

Another character who we only got to see for two episodes is Maggie. Played by Mercedes Mason, she is introduced near the end of the second season in the episode Charlie and the Case of the Curious Hottie as a private investigator who was following him and his friend Sean. Charlie and her start to date, and she challenges him to have an affair without her finding out. He agrees to the bet, but finds that it is more difficult than he had initially planned.

Mercedes Mason now

The lovely Mercedes Mason had already appeared in many television shows such as the soap opera One Life to Live, the HBO comedy-drama Entourage, and the ABC supernatural-drama 666 Park Avenue. Since we last saw her with the cast of Anger Management, she has had a recurring role on NCIS: Los Angeles as DEA Agent Talia Del Compo and as Ofelia Salazar in The Walking Dead spin-off series, Fear the Walking Dead. In 2014, she married actor David Denman, who she now has one child with.

Kerri Kenney as Mel

The Reno 911! star Kerri Kenney appeared for the first two episodes of the series. She portrayed Mel, a woman who Charlie had a brief fling with during his baseball days, despite not being incredibly attracted to her. When Charlie discovers that she has tracked him down years later and is still in love with him, he tries to let her down easily without breaking her heart – which is proven to be harder than he thought.

Kerri Kenney now

The comedic actress who is known for playing Deputy Trudy Wiegel in the Comedy Central police parody Reno 911! has been in dozens of television series and films. In more recent years, she has appeared in the new Netflix film about National Lampoon co-founder Doug Kenney, A Futile and Stupid Gesture. She has also been playing a recurring character named Syd in the Netflix romance-comedy series Love. Kerri has been married to cinematographer Steven V. Silver sine 2004, who she shares one son with.

LeAnn Rimes as Wynona

The stunning country star made an unforgettable cameo in Anger Management’s second season. Although she is typically known for her singing, she proved herself as a talented comedic actress while portraying Wynona, a suspected psychopath who manages to both frighten and seduce Charlie, at the same time. Everything seems to be going well, that is until she shows Charlie her ginormous collection of roadkill skulls that she has hidden in her bedroom closet.

LeAnn Rimes now

LeAnn Rimes rose to fame at the young age of 13, becoming the youngest star in country music at the time. Her number one hit song, How Do I Live, became the most famous song of the ’90s according to Billboard. She has been making and performing music ever since, and has sold over 37 million records worldwide. Her most recent album, Remnants, came out in 2016. She is now married to actor Eddie Cibrian.

Kim Shaw as Vanessa

In season two’s episode Charlie Does It for Science, Kim Shaw stopped by the set of Anger Management for a memorable guest appearance. She played the role of Vanessa, a beautiful reporter who is in the process of writing a story about Charlie and his controversial scientific study on making love. However, after he tries to show her how the study is done and ends up sleeping with her, things get a bit awkward, to say the least.

Kim Shaw now

Kim Shaw has been in numerous television series from Gossip Girl, to The Good Wife, to How I Met Your Mother, and even Two and a Half Men (after Charlie had already left.) More recently, she appeared in an episode of the crime-drama show Chicago P.D. The actress was last seen on-screen portraying a recurring character named Dr. Cassie Williams in the supernatural medical-drama Saving Hope. Since then, we haven’t seen much of her, but we’re hoping that’ll soon change!

Lindsay Lohan as herself

One of Anger Management’s biggest guest stars was the one and only Lindsay Lohan. She came by the set during the second season’s episode Charlie Gets Lindsay Lohan Into Trouble, where she played herself, who hires Charlie to be her anger management therapist while on the set of a television commercial. Charlie and Lindsay end up sleeping together, which doesn’t end well after the paparazzi finds out. Charlie Sheen later spoke out about Lindsay on set, claiming the starlet was hours late and even took a few bracelets home with her.

Lindsay Lohan now

The child star who first melted our hearts in The Parent Trap has definitely changed over the years. As an adult, she has been in and out of rehab, court, and the tabloids countless times. However, she claims she is now doing better, and ready to live a healthier, cleaner life. Although she hasn’t appeared on-screen since appearing alongside Harry Potter’s Rupert Grint in the British sitcom Sick Note in 2017,  she is currently planning on launching her own line of beauty products, as well as a spokesperson for lawyer.com.

Masiela Lusha as Molly

The star of George Lopez’ sitcom made an appearance during the season two episode, Charlie and Sean Fight Over a Girl. She portrayed Molly, the attractive friend of Charlie’s patient Patrick who is visiting him in L.A. Charlie and his sometimes friend sometimes nemesis Sean end up competing to get her attention. In the end, she starts to believe that Charlie and Sean actually have feelings for one another, and leaves, not wanting to get in the way of their “romance.”

Masiela Lusha now

Masiela Lusha rose to fame in 2002, after getting cast as Carmen, George Lopez’s TV daughter, in his ABC sitcom. Since then, she has appeared in a variety of films, recently appearing in the Syfy channel films Sharknado 4 and 5 as a character named Gemini. She also reunited with George in 2017 for an episode in his short-lived TV Land sitcom Lopez. Her most recent role was as Donna in a western-mystery film called Branded. She has been married to financier Ramzi Habibi since 2013.

Daniela Bobadilla as Sam Goodson

Sam Goodson, portrayed by Daniela Bobadilla, is the teenage daughter of Charlie and Jennifer. Although she is highly intelligent, she tends to be insecure, and has a bad case of obsessive-compulsive disorder. Charlie often uses his therapist skills and techniques in order to try to help her, but usually it doesn’t work. Sam is driven, and is determined to get into a good college – that is until her boyfriend convinces her that college is a waste of time.

Daniela Bobadilla now

Daniela may have had several television roles in series such as Smallville and Desperate Housewives prior, but her role on Anger Management served as the young actress’ big break. Since then, she has appeared in a variety of films such as the 2015 comedy Mothers of the Bride, and the crime-drama Perfect High that same year – where she co-starred alongside Bella Thorne. Most recently, she has been portraying a recurring character named Lexi Brooks in the ABC sitcom The Middle.

Noureen DeWulf as Lacey Patel

Noureen DeWulf plays Lacey Patel, a member in Charlie’s therapy group who was sentenced to join it after shooting her husband’s private parts. She tries to get together with Charlie once, but he ends up turning her down and revealing to her that her hatred for men who reject her stems from a lack of affection from her dad growing up. She dislikes pretty much all of her fellow therapy members, but does manage to get along with Patrick.

Noureen DeWulf now

After appearing in every episode of the series, Noureen played a character named Saleena Desai in the television comedy film Square Roots. She then landed a role in the Hulu comedy series All Night, followed by her most recent role as Margo in the 2018 Netflix comedy starring Adam Devine and Alexandra Daddario When We First Met. Since 2011, Noureen has been married to Anaheim Ducks hockey goaltender Ryan Miller, with whom she has a toddler son named Bodhi.

Laura Bell Bundy as Dr. Jordan Denby

The lovely Laura Bell Bundy joined the series during the second season as Dr. Jordan Denby, Charlie’s newest psychologist who replaces his former therapist Dr. Kate Wales after her sudden exit. She struggles with a drinking problem, which she herself attends a therapy group for while trying to put an end to her bad habit. Although it is unknown what ever caused her problem with drinking, she claims that she has been drinking excessively since she was only 12 years old.

Laura Bell Bundy now

Following the series finale, Laura landed a role as Abby Dunlap in the historical-drama mini-series following Civil War generals and their families, To Appomattox. At the same time, she was playing a recurring character named Shelby Sinclair in the CW romance-dramedy Hart of Dixie. In 2015, she released a country album titled Another Piece of Me. She was last seen on-screen playing minor roles in the TBS comedy The Guest Book and the TNT crime-drama Good Behavior. In 2017, she married television producer Thom Hinkle.

Nicole Travolta as Monica

John Travolta’s niece, Nicole Travolta, graced the set of Anger Management in the series’ second season for three episodes. She took on the role of Monica, the “hot nerd” who Charlie meets while he is on a technical support call. The attractive techie and Charlie begin dating, and everything is going great up until her young and nerdy ex-boyfriend comes back into her life, and is determined to find a way to get rid of Charlie.

Nicole Travolta now

Nicole began her acting career at the young age of five when she appeared in the 1993 movie Da Vinci’s War, which her uncle Joey Travolta (John’s brother) starred in. She has been in several television series since such as One Tree Hill, Hawaii Five-0, and Two and a Half Men, but typically is seen portraying minor characters. Since her three-episode role on Anger Management, she has appeared in the 2018 drama film about criminal businessman Barry Minkow titled Con Man.

Selma Blair as Dr. Kate Wales

The captivating and stunning Selma Blair played Dr. Kate Wales, who acts as Charlie’s personal therapist and life mentor. She often gives him advice on both professional and personal matters. The two therapists met when Charlie was still a minor-league baseball player, after he was sent to receive anger management therapy. Charlie and Kate form a close and unique friendship, often engaging in intimate moments despite denying having any romantic feelings for the other whatsoever.

Selma Blair now

After Selma’s sudden and dramatic departure from the series, following rumors that she and Charlie had an off-screen feud ending in her getting fired via text message, she went on to appear in several more successful roles. The mother-of-one co-starred with Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong in the 2016 comedy Ordinary World, and portrayed a young Kris Jenner in the biographical-drama series American Crime Story. She is now playing a character named Jade in the television remake of the ’80s dark-comedy film Heathers.