The women of Ray Donovan

Los Angeles, California. The land of the rich and famous, but also of all their problems. Enter Ray Donovan, a South Boston native turned Hollywood fixer who can make all your worries go away, and by any means necessary… violence, passion, intrigue, drama, and love are the commodities Ray Donovan trades in, and what this show is about. Its premiere episode broke the record for the most-watched premiere in the Showtime’s history, and both viewers and critics keep coming back for more. So far, the series has produced five successful seasons, with a sixth currently in the works for next year.

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The show revolves around Ray Donovan and his family, including his brothers, who help run a boxing gym, a sport that is important to this Boston family. Ray, on the other hand, is the man people hire to help make big problems disappear. Be it getting rid of a dead body, handling a bribe, or someone in need of protection, Ray gets the job done. But while he’s great at handling other people’s violent crises, he has trouble fixing problems in his own life, particularly after his dangerous father is released from prison, looking to reconnect with Ray’s family, to the distress of his son.

While the series heavily focuses on the men in Ray Donovan’s life, with the return of his father and the mostly male clientele he works for, the series has nevertheless introduces us to several complex, independent female characters, as well.

Ray Donovan could hardly be considered a saint, and his wife, Abby, has had her fair share of hardships due to her husband’s line of work. Some of the show’s women are not permanent features, but yet they still serve a purpose in showing the audience different sides of the main characters. The women who enter and exit Ray’s life include his investigative assistant, some of his clients and their family members, and the women he has affairs with, both on a physical and an emotional level.


Despite his tortured dynamics with his own father, Ray remains very much a family man who dotes on his daughter and son. Throughout the series, his wife remains a central figure of the show refusing to merely be pushed to the background. Similarly, Ray’s daughter is a character who could easily have been shrugged off and been just a blip on the radar, yet her storyline continues to grow and develop within the family dynamics, as well as with her personal life.

In a show about dark and complicated men, it is important to spotlight the women who make up such important parts of their lives. So, just who are these women and what roles do they make up in the show?

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