13 Places Every Solo Traveler Should Visit


Who says traveling is only done with others? We believe that traveling alone is not only wonderful, but it’s practically a necessity. There is something about stepping out of your comfort zone and going somewhere new without having a safety net by way of familiar people. You’ll see new sites, experience new cultures, and most definitely meet new people, you never know! We found the top 14 places to hit if you’re a solo traveler. Go ahead, give it a shot! 

Queenstown, New Zealand

For the adventurous solo traveler, Queenstown is the at the south of New Zealand, due to the colder weather down there, snow-involved activities are in abundance. Try your hand at skiing, or snowboarding, or try out the luge at the Skyline. Queenstown itself is absolutely breathtaking, and may look somewhat familiar if you’ve seen any of The Lord of the Rings films; it really is just like the movies.


Prague, Czech Republic

For the culture junkie who has a taste for drinking. Prague is a calm and stunning, but also fun and interesting. You will find yourself walking along the city streets constantly running into random open air sculptures that will make you do a double take. There is a huge drinking culture in Prague, you will notice that when your eye gets used to the many pubs that fill the buildings. The locals drinking habits make them very friendly, so making friends here won’t be a problem. The city looks like it’s out of a picture book, is relatively on the cheap-end (when compared to other cities in Europe) and there are endless attractions for you to see.


Madrid, Spain

For the foodie and night owl, Madrid is waiting for you. The food culture in Madrid is astounding; the meals are hours long, and you will see plenty of people eating alone, basking in the gorgeous scenery around them. Try the paella, almost every place gets it right. The nightlife there starts late (around 11:30PM at the earliest) and ends just as late (easily after 3:00AM). The locals are friendly and inviting, and the city itself is architecture heaven; you can get lost in the old buildings, that are impeccably cared for, as well as enjoy the huge public park that gives New York’s Central Park a run for its money.


Dublin, Ireland

For the history lover and well, the drinker too. Dublin is a vibrant, busy, and all around delightful place to go, especially alone. Beer and Irish whiskey should be your go-to meals while in Dublin, along with the occasional traditional Irish dishes. Go ahead and go to a museum, take a walking tour of Trinity College, see the Guinness Storehouse, and make sure to walk around the city to get the full effect of the street performers, music, and life that Dublin is just bustling with.


Copenhagen, Denmark

In the summer, hop on over to sunny Copenhagen. The city will promise to give you 17 hour days and be as welcoming as if you were going to grandma’s house. Copenhagen is a very safe city, with a very low crime rate. The people there abide by the concept of hospitality and friendliness, so you are sure to meet awesome folks. Check out the harbor, and Paper Island for the street food and all around beauty. It’s super easy to get around as well, just get yourself a Copenhagen Card which encompasses all modes of transportation.  


London, England

London is known for its many memorable sites, such as Big Ben and Parliament; but London has a lot more to offer than that. Try seeing London from a local’s perspective and go to places like East London where there are a ton of cool shops and restaurants, a surefire way to meet the cool locals. Go to West End and hit up a show, spend your days walking around the many gardens and parks that are scattered all over London, and use the Underground system to get anywhere – it’s amazing.


Amsterdam, The Netherlands

For the free spirit. Amsterdam is the land of certain legalized substances and behaviors, giving you a whole new outlook on life. Despite the drug legality, it is a very safe place to visit, even alone. The nightlife is hopping and the city itself has everything you would need in order to never want to leave – architecture, food, museums, culture, biking tours (biking is HUGE here), and street markets where you’re sure to find cool collectibles.


Bergen, Norway

Bergen is a city for those who love urban life, with a hint of nature. Bergen rests by the coast and has the added lucky advantage of getting some of the Northern Lights! You’ll want to visit the Bryggen, a UNESCO World Heritage site right by the city’s wharf. You can wander around the fish markets (fishing is a really big industry here), grab some street food, and take a ride on the funicular to get some serious views. 


Boracay, Philippines

For the rest and relaxation vacation. Boracay is the choice for you if sand and sun are your idea of a good time. Coming here alone is almost a necessity, as the Filipinos are considered one of the happiest people in the world. This place has wild nights, giving you the chance to meet locals and party together. There’s a bar called Cocomangas on the island, where all the drinks are below $10 and are not to be messed with.


Verona, Italy

Verona is known for being the place of Romeo and Juliet, and yes, that’s romantic, but coming here alone is also a chance to perhaps meet someone! The glorious city houses Juliet’s balcony, but so much more. The winding cobblestone paved streets are adorned with flowers, the piazza delle Erbe’s open air market is a vision, and if you’re a wino, do ahead and take the Allegrini tour of the vineyard.


Edinburgh, Scotland

Imagine this – Edinburgh in August, walking along the city streets in the old town side while an entire festival is going on around you. Doesn’t that sound great? Edinburgh is jaw droopingly beautiful, especially if you are on the new side of town crossing the bridge to the old side of town; we literally stopped dead in our tracks. You can wander around the Royal Mile, a stretch from Edinburgh Castle to The Palace of Holyroodhouse, that’s filled with shops, pubs, and further winding streets filled with even more things to see and do.


Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm looks like it’s painted right in front of you, almost unreal. The buildings are the color of cotton candy, the streets are clean and safe (very safe even, good for the solo traveler) and the historic part of town, called Gamla Stan, is right out of a novel. The only thing to be aware of is that Stockholm is a little on the pricey side, and make sure not to take a cab while you’re there, it’s ridiculously expensive.


Oahu, Hawaii

Tropics! There is something for every kind of solo traveler here. Practically every day is sunny, there are beaches, mountains, and forests. Everyone there is chill and happy (who wouldn’t be in a place that beautiful!), and there are tons of bars to drink tiki drinks at. This is the spot for you to just let loose and enjoy the nature that is everywhere around you.