Not only for vegans: restaurants you must try


You actually don’t really have to be vegan yourself to enjoy the delights of the vegan cuisine. In recent years the “vegan revolution” has taken over most of the major cities in the US, Europe, and Asia. Every day there are new vegan restaurants, springing up like mushrooms after the rain (and boy, do vegan love their mushrooms).

Unlike a few years ago, today the health projections of a strict diet like this are not so vague anymore. As further studies and researches of the benefits from a plant-based diet are conducted, people are becoming more acceptant of the subject. If that not enough to convince you to give vegan food a try, then maybe all you need is a look at the fresh colorful meals that the diet offers.
So, whether you’re just a curious meat-eater or a strict vegan, these are some of the world’s best all-plant-based restaurant that you should definitely try on your next trip.


Candle 79, New York

If you’re in the Big Apple, and you’re feeling in the mood for a fancy dinner, this is the perfect place for you. The restaurant has been active since 2003 and serves high-end and delicious vegan dishes. It is located in the classy Upper East Side of Manhattan and draws hungry tourists that are looking for a mellow evening with some fresh food, wine, and dim lights. The restaurant is not only completely plant-based, but also organic.

Vöner, Berlin, Germany

If there’s something we can’t argue Berliners can make, it’s a decent meal of Döner kebab. The Germans have mastered the art of cooking this originally Turkish meat wrap to a whole new level. But have no worries – no vegan is left behind.
For over ten years, Vöner has been serving its own plant-based version of this traditional meal. It started as a small mobile food truck, and following its major success, a permanent shop was opened in 2006. The restaurant also offers many other middle eastern dishes and salads.

Nanuchka, Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv is known to be one of the most vegan-friendly cities in the world. When Nana Shrier the owner of “Nanuchka” turned vegan 4 years ago, she decided to remove all the animal products from the restaurant’s menu. The Georgian restaurant had to change all the meat-stuffed dumplings and stews and replace them with a vegan variation. According to the thousands of people visiting the restaurant every week, we believe the outcome of the transformation came out to be pretty yummy!

Mono Cafe Bar, Glasgow, UK

This sweet corner is rumored to have the best vegan pizza you can get your hands on. If you’re planning a trip to Scotland, we highly recommend a visit here. It will immediately make you feel at home, since they serve such a variety of “veganized” dishes from all over the world. Just make sure you leave some room for their delicious vegan desserts. Their specialties are an irresistible banana split sundae or their “you’ll-never-believe-it-isn’t-a-real” cheesecake.