The coolest bars Berlin has to offer

As one of the most dynamic cities in Europe and Germany’s largest city, Berlin is known for its significant history. One of its lesser known attributes is its thriving bar scene. Beer plays a big part in German culture, so it’s no surprise that its capital city would offer plenty of great places to score a pint or two. If you’re heading to town for sightseeing, the Memorial of the Berlin Wall, Brandenburg Gate, and the Berlin Cathedral are probably part of your plans. In between visits to museums and historical sites, stop in at one of the bars on this list to experience a different side of German culture.

The Green Door

Aptly named, this bar welcomes patrons with, you guessed it, a green door. Ring the bell to gain entry to this unique and popular cocktail bar, second home to many regulars who come for the relaxed lounge ambiance. Their Green Door cocktail is a mix of champagne, lemon, sugar, and mint, and a must-try if you find yourself inside this upscale and elegant bar.

Photo: Pexels.com

Das Hotel Bar

If casual and relaxed is more your scene, the famous Das Hotel Bar is for you. Don’t worry about dress code or deep pockets if you’re buying drinks here, the vibe is more living-room-at-a-house-party than expensive and chic. As one of the best spots in Kreuzberg, though, it can get pretty packed. But the live music and their spin on the classic gin and tonic can help take your mind off of the crowd.


Want the experience of a boutique bar without the pretentious vibe? This bar ticks all the boxes of an upscale joint. It is situated on a rooftop, offering gorgeous views of the city. But unlike other bars that offer similar quality, Klunkerkranich stays grounded in the culture of the city. Its urban garden and live music further propel the energy, making it worth every euro of its entry fee. Use their photo booth to commemorate your visit with that classic strip of pics.

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Madame Claude

This bar is located in a building with a tawdry past, but Madame Claude is one of the most unique and interesting bars you’ll find. It has all the expected features of a bar, like a generous drink selection and music. But you will also find something a little different – furniture hanging from the ceiling. This topsy-turvy decor is nothing if not a conversation starter, just be careful after you’ve had a few drinks not to get too disoriented.

The Black Lodge

If you plan to visit this bar, make sure you have plenty of time to look for it. Located in a building with boarded-up windows, you might find yourself second guessing if you’re in the right spot. Once inside, the low lighting and sparse decor could give many a less-adventurous traveler pause, but fear not. The drinks are priced right for just about any budget and this is surely one experience that’ll make for a great story.

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Tante Lisbeth

Retro furnishings and a laid-back vibe make this bar very popular with all kinds of Berliners, evidenced by the eclectic crowd that gathers late at night. The bar itself is a draw, with vintage furniture and a wide selection of beer, but below the bar is a special treat. In the basement it sports a bowling alley that looks transported from the 1960s. Reserve a lane and travel back in time to knock down some pins and pints.

Photo: Pexels.com

This is just a small taste of the bars that Berlin has to offer. Depending on your tastes and interests, there is a bar to suit you. Silver Future, ORA, Tausend, and KIM Bar are more options to check out on your bar-hopping quest. So do your sightseeing, but remember that getting to know the locals is tantamount to meaningful travel. What better way to bond with Germans than over some of their famous beer?