The best chocolate in Vienna and where to find it

What’s not to love about chocolate? It’s sweet, delicious, and is even a mood enhancer. It indulges a sweet craving, it satisfies a sweet tooth, all the while releasing the feel-good hormone to bring you happiness. Austrian chocolatiers have been making chocolate for decades and they are known for making some of the best chocolate in the world. Let’s find out where you can get the best chocolate in Vienna.

Xocolat Manufaktur

This shop is a chocoholics dream. Xocolat is found in a wealthy district in Vienna called Hietzing. They stock trays and trays of delicately made individual chocolate bites. As you walk past this store and you look through the window, these delicacies are crying out to be tasted and enjoyed. Not only do they stock handcrafted individual chocolates, but they also stock other well-known brands. They have workshops that the public can attend at a cost of 95 euros. These are in English so tourists can participate as well. At these workshops, they give you an introduction to chocolate-making and you get an opportunity to make your own with the help of an expert chocolatier.

The best chocolate in Vienna and where to find it


Zotter is known as the ‘Mr Wonka’ of Austria because of his chocolatier skills. Not only does he create art with chocolate, but he practices fair-trade and has a unique attitude towards creating the worlds’ favorite sweet treat. He likes to experiment with different flavor combinations that are extremely unusual and eccentric. These include coconut and trout, lemon and raspberry, and even cheese to name but a few. If crazy combinations are not for you then he also has the more traditional flavors such as marzipan, which is said to be a crowd favorite. Most supermarkets around Vienna, including Denn’s Organic Supermarket and SPAR stock Zotter chocolates.

Confiserie Heindl

Heindl has been making chocolate for over 50 years. This chocolatier may be more conventional with his flavor combinations but his chocolates are delicious nonetheless. Heindl was founded in 1953 in Vienna’s 5th district. Today, there’s a museum where people can visit and learn about the history of chocolate-making and the cultivation of chocolate. The Schoko Museum is in Wien, a southern suburb in Vienna.

Bonbon et Chocolat

The head chocolatier of this store was once a school teacher in France when she realized that chocolate-making was her passion. She gave up her position as a teacher, moved to Vienna, completed her master confectioners certification, and opened up her own store in Gumpendorfer Strasse. Her brand is called Kaoka and is exclusively sold at Bonbon et Chocolat in Vienna. She only uses ethical ingredients such as pure cocoa butter. One of her best creations is the Earl Grey and white ganache bonbon.

Schokov in the City

With a motto that says “Extraordinary chocolates for extraordinary people,’ it must tell you just how special their chocolate must be. They have a variety of over 200 chocolates to taste from with different and exciting flavors. Their chocolate is 100 percent organic as well. They have flavors such as olive oil and lavender. They also have tasting evenings, which are very popular events amongst the locals and tourists..

The best chocolate in Vienna and where to find it

If you’re someone that just cannot resist chocolate like most of us, then be sure to visit one or all of these stores next time you’re Vienna. It will definitely be the cherry on top of your trip.