The best vegan restaurants in the world

When it comes to a vegan lifestyle, it can be slim pickings out there for a good restaurant. Making your favorite vegan meals at home is great, but it’s nice to get out once in a while and enjoy good food at a restaurant. Sometimes we are just not in the mood for dishes! When paying for a meal, we also expect it to be exceptional. No one wants to spend their hard-earned money on a meal that wasn’t palatable. This is why it is so important to check online ratings.

To make the hunt for good quality vegan restaurants easier, we’ve put together the top five best vegan restaurants in the world.

Kopps – Berlin, Germany

Stepping into Kopps will take you right back to your natural roots. A warm, minimalistic atmosphere of wood and earthy tones will set the mood for your exquisite meal. Kopps prides itself on the fresh, locally sourced ingredients they use and believe that this is the reason their quality is so high. Everything is organic and seasonal, and every meal is handcrafted with love for the culinary arts.


Elizabeth’s Gone Raw – Washington D.C., U.S.

This eatery was started in 2009 by a woman named Elizabeth Petty, who was introduced to plant-based foods during her battle with cancer. She was so inspired by this way of life that Elizabeth’s Gone Raw was born from her experiences. The restaurant is open for Friday and Saturday night dining only. Feast with your eyes and let your taste buds indulge in new experiences with the seven-course set seasonal menu, which looks like a stunning work of art. Everything served at Elizabeth’s Gone Raw is 100 percent plant-based and organic.

Smith & Daughters – Melbourne, Australia

Since its opening in 2014, Shannon Martinez and Mo Wyse have revolutionized vegan cuisine. They have successfully and tastefully bridged the gap to vegan food for those who still enjoy meat. Everything on the menu is 100 percent plant-based, but it’s hard to tell. The faux-carnivorous delicacies mean that there is something for everyone on the menu. A trip to Smith & Daughters is probably one of the best ways to introduce someone to a plant-based lifestyle.

Pied à Terre – Fitzrovia, London

Submerge your taste buds in the exquisite culinary delight that is Pied à Terre. Although they are not a strictly vegan restaurant, they offer a fine dining experience with a vegan tasting menu that’s out of this world. Pied à Terre has been named the best restaurant in London many times, but with the ability to transport you to plant-based food heaven, we have them on this list as one of the best in the world.

Pied à Terre

The Acorn – Vancouver, Canada

This award-winning establishment is renowned for its vegetable-forward way of thinking and superbly crafted meals. Locally sourced, fresh ingredients, creativity, and pure passion is The Acorn’s key to success. This devotion flows through from the owner’s own life experiences of travel and music. Beautifully prepared lemon and thyme cordials or chilled kombucha are the perfect companions to pair with these visually alluring and delicious meals.

These brilliant establishments have listened to the vegan community and have followed through with truly amazing meat-free menus and spectacular quality. They are the best because they’re willing to push the boundaries of culinary methods and are not afraid to experiment with bold new flavors.