American states with the best Farmer’s Markets

With the success of giant markets like Walmart, smaller distributors have been pushed to the side. Thankfully, in recent years there has been a call to move back to locally produced foods and the farmer’s market has become hugely popular. It brings people together to celebrate locally grown and crafted foods. These are the states across America with the best farmers markets.


There are lots of farms raising their own meats in Tennessee, and the Franklin Farmers Market allows you to come close to the people responsible. Then you can hop on over to the Nashville Farmers Market for a cooked lunch as there are plenty of stalls offering deliciously prepared treats. The food court will ensure that no matter what your food preferences are, your taste buds will be thanking you for going.

American states with the best Farmer’s Markets


There had to be great produce grown in California, just look at how much sunshine they get! Pretty much all of the USA’s avocados are grown in Cali, plus there’s a ton of amazing orange groves and plenty of fish coming to shore. If you love food, then get yourself to a farmers market in California. We recommend checking out either Grand Central Market in LA or the Davis Farmers Market which travels the state.


More people are looking for foods to come straight from the farm to their tables. The Portland Farmers’ Market in Oregon is one of the most successful farmers’ markets in the U. S. to make that happen. Over 150 farmers come together, and there is a variety of products available for people who wander into the market. There are cuts of alternative meats, from bison to yak, and there are many different foods to try, from chestnuts to crepes or burritos.

American states with the best Farmer’s Markets


The main reason Washington makes this list is thanks to the city of Seattle, and it’s determination to help small businesses succeed. Pike Place Market has been trading for over 100 years after it was established in 1907. There is fresh produce from over 80 farmers on display here, and the best thing about the market is that it’s open all year. Customers are free to chat with the farmers, and there are plenty of crafty options on show.


For many Chicago is one of the best culinary hotspots in the world and the Green City Market is where people go to get the best ingredients. The market runs from May until October, when it relocates due to the bitter cold Chicago winter. Those who are lucky enough to go can enjoy over 50 stalls packed full of freshly made food, and some of the best locally grown fruit and vegetables. There is more to the market than just fresh produce, and there are locally crafted drinks, different types of meat, and freshly baked breads to enjoy.

These are the best states to check out farmers markets in the USA. Don’t worry if you don’t live there as all farmers’ markets are great and should be celebrated, so check out your nearest one as soon as possible!