Street desserts that make us want to travel

Are you the kind of person that could eat dessert for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Well, your doctor might not be too happy about that, but we get where you’re coming from. After all, dessert makes the world go around – and you can also find all different kinds of desserts around the world! Although many of these delicious sweet treats can be found in restaurants across the globe, it’s fair to say that some of the greatest puddings and delicacies can be found on the streets. So, pack your bags and head to a street market, because these street desserts are seriously making us want to travel.

Baklava – Turkey

If you’re already looking at flights for a summer vacation in Turkey, then you can rest easy knowing that your sweet tooth will be satisfied in this country. That’s because Turkey is the home of Baklava, and you won’t want to miss it. This street dessert includes thin layers of pastry that are filled with sweet syrup, ground nuts, and often a bit of fruit. Most street vendors have their own way of making their Baklava, so this gives you a good excuse to try as many as possible.


Dragon’s beard candy – China

It may have a rather strange name, but Dragon’s beard candy is absolutely delicious. It’s been given its name because it really does look like a dragon’s beard, but you’ll be happy to know that it tastes like anything but. In fact, this Chinese street food is very similar to cotton candy, as it’s made from sugar syrup that is then spun and wound into various different shapes. It’s often filled with the likes of coconut, peanuts, and sesame seed to add that little bit of texture.

Gelato – Italy

We know what you’re thinking; we can get gelato anywhere, right? Although this may be true, no gelato comes close to the gelato you can find on the streets of Italy. That’s because this country created the delicious and creamy dessert, and they are the masters in terms of its production, its flavors, and its creaminess. You won’t have to travel too far to find Gelato if you’re planning a trip to Italy, because it is quite literally everywhere. However, you will encounter one problem when you head to the Gelato stand. Which flavor do you choose?

Picarones – Peru

Ever fancied a trip to Peru? Well, if you weren’t sold before, then these Picarones will definitely do the job. That’s because this incredible street dessert will change the game for you. While it may not be your typical dessert, the delicate mix of sweet potato, squash, anise, sugar, flour, and yeast creates a tantalizing dough that’s then deep-fried and covered with syrup. It’s almost like the Peruvian donut, but so much better than you could ever imagine.


Mochi – Japan

Although many grocery stores and various other countries have tried to replicate Mochi on their own soil, nothing comes close to the traditional Mochi from Japan. Perfect for a warm day, this dessert consists of a scoop of ice cream, that’s then wrapped in a rice paste. The rest is very similar to that of a Baked Alaska, in that it features a doughy outer coating and a cold, delicious filling of ice cream. The best thing about these little treats is that they come in all different colors and flavors.

So, which street dessert will you be trying first?