Most wondrous theme-restaurants in the U.S

Sometimes when you visit a restaurant you want more than just some good grub in your belly, you want an experience too. In the US, there are plenty of unique and extravagantly themed restaurants that offer some brilliant, odd concepts to stimulate not just your tastebuds, but all of your other senses too.

We’re talking fantastically weird sights and sounds all whilst you tuck into a delicious meal. Whether they’re your cup of tea or not, themed restaurants can be seriously good fun. Here are four of our favorites.


The Jekyll & Hyde Club, New York

This NY restaurant is located in the heart of Manhattan, and is famous around the world for putting on a gloriously haunting show whilst you dine. The detail of the theming is wonderfully impressive, based around old English Gothicism and classic horror stories.

While you eat, you’ll be entertained by performances from horror characters such as Claw, The Werewolf, and Dreadmina, the Vampire. There’s also a whole host of lighting and sounds, special effects, and animatronic props to keep you terrifyingly amused.

Visit if…you’re wanting to have some spooktastic fun.

The Jekyll & Hyde Club

Heart Attack Grill, Las Vegas

The Heart Attack Grill is hospital themed, and located in downtown Las Vegas (where else?). It makes an ironic point of serving calorific, high-fat, high-sugar foods that can, well, cause a heart attack. It’s a pretty morbid concept this one, but cool nonetheless.

It features serving staff dressed up as doctors and nurses, and diners are instructed to change into hospital gowns too. They also call the orders “prescriptions”, serve shots in pill bottles, and pour drinks into IV bags. Yes, really!

Visit if…you’re craving American food that’s bad for you, but tastes oh-so-good.

The Magic Castle, Los Angeles

The Magic Castle dubs itself as “the most unusual private club in the world”. Why? Well, it’s an exclusive restaurant that you’re only invited to if you’re a member or friends with a member. An evening typically involves entertainment from magicians, live bands, and other variety art-performances.

You’ll be wined and dined in a top-class restaurant that’s magnificently magic themed – we’re talking cauldrons, brooms, and even a bookcase with a hidden door. The Magic Castle prides itself on being elite, with a formal wear dress code and strict entry.

Visit if…you’re able to wave your magic wand to get on the guest list.

The Magic Castle

Tonga Room & Hurricane Bar, San Francisco

This San Francisco restaurant opened in 1945 underneath The Fairmont Hotel, redesigning their terrace plunge pool room that was once in use by the hotel. Now the restaurant and bar are marvelously themed around a ‘lagoon’, giving you a one-of-a-kind paradise ambiance.

The ‘lagoon’ itself features palm trees, tropical tikis, and a floating barge stage in the middle of the pool where bands perform. In 2010, a $1 million renovation gave the restaurant a well-needed facelift, with it now looking even more splendid than it did before. There’s even a simulated thunderstorm!

Visit if…you want a cool, immersively tropical experience.

Forget subtlety, these wacky restaurants bring everything to the table. Over-the-top is never enough, and their niche bizarre theming is what makes them so popular with restaurant-goers who want an alternative to the average diner offering a coffee, a burger and a napkin. If you fancy something more than just the conventional dining experience, be sure to check these places out if you are ever in town. You won’t be disappointed.