The best apps for earning the best flight deals

Vacations can be costly. However, while they might be a burden on your bank account, it’s usually only two things that set you back – accommodation and travel. We need both for a vacation to happen, but the price is sometimes enough to put us off. Fortunately, there are plenty of apps out there which can help you find the best deal. If you want to know where to look for the cheapest flights, these are the apps you need on your phone.


Looking to book something fast? Kayak is the way to go. It doesn’t take long to find the information you need and have everything booked within minutes. The service offers deals on flights, as well as accommodation and rental cars, meaning it’s easy to get all of the significant costs out of the way. You can see how much your vacation is going to cost and adjust your circumstances where needed. What’s more, the app provides useful information for the day of traveling, with a flight tracker and airport gate data available right there on your phone.


Kiwi is relatively new to the game, but it’s already proved itself as a worthy addition to the market. It’s incredibly easy to use and understands the best way to find the cheapest deals. The options it provides won’t always be hugely convenient, but they will be affordable. This is because it doesn’t try to keep you on the same airline for the duration of your journey. For instance, if there’s a stop off, it might suggest you use a different carrier for the second part of the flight. It works out cheaper this way. It’s not often that apps will advise this, so Kiwi is definitely worth giving a look. It’s especially great because it has an excellent compensation scheme when it comes to delays or cancelations.


Skyscanner is another one of those apps that offers more than just flight deals, making it easy to prepare for your vacation all in one go. It’s brilliant for people who know they want to travel somewhere but aren’t particularly sure where to go. Skyscanner offers a wealth of information on destinations for weekend breaks, short stays, solo trips and more, with deals presented on a month-by-month basis. You’ll know where’s the best place to visit at any one time and the cheapest way to get there, all without having to use your computer.


This app is a sneaky one, but it’s a must-have for anyone looking to save money. It works by finding cheap flights that are part of a longer, connecting journey. If you want to travel from A to B, it can sometimes be cheaper to buy a ticket from A to C which stops off at B. Rather than continuing on the full journey, you just get off at your desired location. Many people have saved money this way, although it’s not without its problems. You’ll want to take less luggage, for example, because you won’t be able to check it in. Otherwise, it’ll end up at the journey’s final destination, rather than yours.


For people open to going on vacation any time of the year, Hopper is a brilliant app. It provides information on what prices are like at certain times in an easy-to-understand calendar feature. The days are colored according to specific price ranges, making it clear to see when you can get the cheapest deals. If it thinks you can get a better deal, the app will advise you to wait before booking. A price alert feature sends you notifications about your desired journey whenever the cost changes, allowing you to know exactly when to book your flight.

Booking a flight will always be a little pricey, but at least it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Thanks to these smartphone apps, you can save money on your vacation to use on the important things in life.