The best travel apps you need on your phone

Before the dawn of the smartphone if you wanted to travel to a different country you’d have to buy yourself a phrase book and then a map or two to help you find your way when you inevitably got lost. Nowadays all of that travel information is right on hand in your pocket, you just need to know what apps to have on your phone to make sure you can travel with ease. We’re looking at the essential travel apps to download to your phone, just make sure you bring your passport along for the trip too!

Google Translate

If you’re visiting a country that speaks a different language, it might be hard getting around and understanding what’s going on. With Google Translate you can download the entire dictionary for offline use in the language of the country you are visiting, having it on hand to translate anything you read. There is an added feature that will really come in handy for people who use this app. If you point your phone at some foreign text, Google Translate will magically convert it to your mother tongue, meaning you can easily understand what’s on the menu without having to type it all into the app.


Chances are, if you are visiting a new place you aren’t going to have your car with you. You ’ll still need to find your way around this new place though and possibly the best way to do that is through Uber. If you don’t know what Uber is, it is a mobile taxi service that essentially summons a driver to your location through your phone, and they’ll take you where you want to go. It can often be cheaper than regular taxi services, and you’ll be able to get picked up within minutes, meaning you won’t be stranded in a strange and scary place trying to find your way back to your hotel.


If you don’t want to solely rely on taxis getting you around, then try out the Citymapper app. It is designed with commuting in mind, so it can offer you the best routes to and from anywhere in the city you are staying in. You can even download the maps to make it available offline, helping avoid the expensive data roaming charges many service providers like to extort from us when we visit other countries.


If you want to try and fit in with the locals, or at least not stand out too much, you might want to try leaning some of the local lingo. Duolingo is a language learning app that’ll have you comprehending the basics in no time. It is broken up into small chunks, meaning you won’t be overwhelmed with new words right from the off. The app makes a game of the learning experience, making you come back for more and more until you’re a pro at your new language. It comes with a wide range of languages, all of the most common in the world as well as plenty of lesser-spoken languages.

These apps can help to take away the stress of visiting a new country where you are unfamiliar with the language and how to get around. You can simply refer to the apps on your phone to make sure you never misorder a dish from the menu or get lost in a foreign land again.