European countries to visit in the fall

People always like to talk about the best places to go on vacation in the summer and winter, but what about the rest of the year. Fall might be that awkward time between sunning yourself on the beach and getting cozy by the fire, but it’s still a great time to take a break from work. Europe, in particular, has some incredible locations for this time of the year, and they’re ones you won’t want to miss out on.


This one should be pretty obvious. One of the biggest events to happen in the fall is Oktoberfest, a celebration that has its origins in Munich, Germany. Although many other countries like to celebrate the occasion with their own festivals, nowhere does it better than the home of Oktoberfest. Feel free to let go of your inhibitions as you drink as much as your body can handle, and then some. You might return home feeling worse for wear, but it’ll be a vacation you remember forever… maybe.


We’re not trying to say that a European vacation should be all about drinking. However, Italy is one of the best countries to visit in the fall, and the drinking opportunities are part of the reason why. The vineyards are thriving, and nothing says a relaxing vacation like watching the sun go down with a bottle of red or white. With temperatures beginning to drop by this time of the year, too, you won’t be stifling in the Italian heat as you enjoy your break. That makes it a great time to check out some of the country’s incredible landmarks. Pompeii, here we come.


Croatia has become something of a popular choice for people ever since “Game of Thrones” started filming there. While millions might be rushing there in the summer to make the most of the weather, though, they’re missing out on the great opportunities the fall provides. Although temperatures are lower, they’re still pretty warm for this time of the year. Plus, prices aren’t as high because less people are visiting the country. So, if you’ve always wanted to see Croatia’s incredible views, the fall is the best time to go.


If you’re a hiker, there’s nowhere we’d recommend more than Switzerland. Although the country might be famed for its winter skiing opportunities, the mountains are just as enjoyable in the fall. You’ll be glad you made the effort to trudge all the way to the top once you see the views available. There’s nothing quite like looking down from a mountain peak and realizing how small everything around you is.

What’s more, Switzerland has plenty to offer tourists outside of just somewhere to walk. Fans of rail travel will have a blast seeing the Swiss scenery from the comfort of the trains. Few countries have a rail network that runs quite as efficiently as Switzerland.

Seen somewhere you fancy checking out? Fall might seem like a dreary time of the year, what with the temperature dropping and the trees losing their leaves. However, as these countries prove, it’s just as wonderful a season as all the others.