Replace your summer travel destinations with these less-frequented locations

Summer vacation is something many of us look forward to each year. It makes all of the hard work during the year worth it to be able to go and explore some of the world. Lots of us will check out many of the world’s biggest hotspots. Places like Rome, Cairo, and Paris are destinations that millions of people head to each year, and in the summer it can get pretty busy as every man, woman, and child seems to have chosen to visit the same place as you. We have a few lesser-known alternative locations to suggest instead of visiting the mega-packed tourism hotspots.

Granada instead of Barcelona

Barcelona seems like a city that is one of a kind. The laid-back atmosphere combined with the modern conveniences a huge city can offer is a nice mix and keeps people coming back year on year. Granada in southern Spain is basically Barcelona, but without the insane crowds of people. You can still experience amazing architecture, and there are plenty of food markets for you to leave the city feeling quite full in the belly. This city is frequently overlooked by many foreign tourists who flock instead to Barcelona, but Granada offers just as much without the hoards of people.

Ljubljana instead of Venice.

Venice in Italy is a world-famous tourist destination. The streets of water and romantic bridges bring many people to the Italian city, almost losing that sense of an intimate retreat as there are about another thousand couples all doing the same thing. Instead of Venice try Ljubljana, the capital of the European country, Slovenia. Ljubljana can offer plenty of rivers and romantic boat trips as well as plenty of gothic architecture to help transport you back in time. You won’t find swathes of people crammed into the streets like you would in Venice, but you will still get a wonderfully romantic experience in this old city.

French Riviera instead of Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik has seen its levels of tourism increase greatly in recent times. Many of the scenes in the fantasy TV show Game of Thrones were filmed there, which opened people’s eyes to how beautiful this historic city is. As more and more people head there each year, it has quickly become an overcrowded summer destination. So, where to go instead? Try heading to the French Riviera, as you will get the same historical feeling but across many locations. That means that tourists are not all condensed into just one place, allowing you to enjoy the Mediterranean coast at your own pace. There are many towns along the coastline, including the Principality of Monaco, Cannes, and Nice that will offer the same vibe as Dubrovnik.

Choquequirao instead of Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu in Peru is one of the most amazing places to visit in the world. At the top of the mountain are the remains of an ancient civilization, the Incas. Unfortunately, because it is so interesting there are more and more people heading there each year. That causes it to be overpopulated with tourists who often leave behind huge messes that have to be cleared by locals. Another well-preserved site belonging to the Incas can be found at Choquequirao, also in Peru. You’ll challenge yourself with a more difficult trek, but your reward will be practically untouched ruins without the huge numbers of tourists getting in the way.

It is important to see many of the most amazing places in the world, just to say that you’ve been there and done it. The consequence of heading to the world’s best-known tourist destinations is dealing with the large number of people also visiting. If you want a bit of culture but are sick of being bothered by people on vacation, try these lesser-known alternatives to the world’s favorite travel destinations.