The world’s most secluded romantic getaways

Let’s be honest, if we could have a six-month vacation twice a year we totally would – but sometimes ‘adulting’ gets in the way, and we have to just settle for one epic getaway with our significant other. We get to relax on golden sands, drink pina coladas until the place runs out of pineapple juice, and spend some quality time with our partner. That’s the life, right? You get to take yourself away from reality and bask in the glory of the exotic for a while. Yet, have you ever wondered where to go for this romantic getaway? Luckily, we have you covered.

Constance Moofushi Resort – The Maldives

If you’ve never seen a photograph of the Maldives, you should probably stop reading this right away and Google it. It’s alright; you have our permission – because this place is what dreams are made of. The Constance Moofushi Resort in the Maldives is one of the most magical places in the world, and you genuinely won’t believe what you’re waking up to. In this resort, you get to stay in a villa that sits atop the ocean on stilts, complete with a straw roof, hammocks, and your very own swimming pool at your feet (AKA the ocean!).

Nayara Hotel, Spa & Gardens – Costa Rica

Have you ever wanted to sleep underneath a volcano? Okay, that sounds a lot more dangerous than it seems, but a stay at the Nayara Hotel, Spa & Gardens certainly would be something to tick off your bucket list. Located in the middle of the Arenal Volcano National Park in Costa Rica, this resort offers everything you could possibly want from a romantic getaway. You’ve got the birds singing in the trees, you’ve got an awesome rainforest, beautiful villas, breathtaking views, and most importantly… The love of your life.

Fogo Island Inn – Newfoundland

If you’ve never heard of Fogo Island before, we don’t blame you. This place is so secluded people rarely venture that far, but this does mean that your romantic getaway will be even more intimate and romantic. With 29 suites to choose from, the Fogo Island Inn has many impressive selling points, but in our eyes, nothing beats the floor-to-ceiling windows that allow you to look out over the water. As if that wasn’t enough, the hotel also boats numerous saunas, a restaurant, an art gallery, and even a movie theater, so you definitely won’t get bored.

The world’s most secluded romantic getaways

Yasawa Island, Fiji

What’s more romantic than having your own little slice of paradise for the week? If you take a trip to Yasawa Island in Fiji, you will have just that. With your very own villa, complete with your own private beach and pool, you literally have everything you need to have a ridiculously romantic vacation. Couple that with nights looking out at the stars and picnics on the beach, you’ll be smooching the days away in no time. However, it’s probably best to try and pry yourselves off of each other at some points. You know, to enjoy the view.

Caves Resort, Jamaica

If you hadn’t already guessed by the name, the Caves Resort in Jamaica is actually located in a cave! The actual resort and all of the rooms are nestled into the rock face, and all look directly out onto the ocean, so as well as looking at your loved one, you also have the best view in the world right in front of you. As if that wasn’t enough, this resort also boasts its own swimming pool and restaurant, and you can almost touch the ocean from your window. What more could you really want?

Are you looking to go on a romantic getaway? Well, luckily there are loads of secluded getaways to choose from. The only problem you’ll have is deciding which one you want to visit first…