24 hours in Los-Angeles

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Los Angeles. You see it at night, and it shines, a beacon of hope and opportunity. The city of angels is the place where the masses come to follow their dreams and fulfill their ambitions. The heart of California, LA is one of the greatest and most vibrant cities in the world. If you’ve never been, we strongly urge you to head to Los Angeles as soon as you can, and really get a feel for this cultural hub of modern America.

Anytime is a good time to be spending 24-hours in Los Angeles, but you at least need ideas for things to do. You’ve got to make sure you come up with plenty of epic adventures to make the most of your visit to Los Angeles. There are so many things to do, places to go, and sights to see, and you need to try to fit them all into 24-hours, so get a move on!

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Take a walk on the beach

You couldn’t possibly visit LA without checking out one of its remarkable beaches. There are so many excellent beachfronts in the city, so you should get down to the water’s edge, and have a walk along the beach. This is ideal early in the morning just before the city comes to life – it’s beautiful, tranquil and the perfect way of starting the day. And, as a bonus, while you’re here you could even take a surfing lesson as well at the same time. This gets you two great experiences out of one trip, and you get to tick off two quintessentially LA activities.

24 hours in Los-Angeles

Visit New Broad Museum

Cultural stuff is important when you go away to a new city, and LA is jam-packed with some great culture. The best place to go if you want to experience this in its entirety is to head to New Broad Museum on Grand Avenue. This is a great spot to check out a wonderful selection of stunning artwork and exhibitions, as well as two floors of stunning gallery space. One of the largest and most expensive museums in the world, you could easily spend all day here so you won’t be stuck for stuff to see or do.

Catch a free show

Head to the Hollywood Bowl and enjoy a show completely free of charge. Morning rehearsals at this stunning amphitheater can be watched completely free before the main shows actually begin. This is a great way of seeing a slightly less polished and more raw performance, and it’s a little more intimate too, with fewer people there. Make sure you call ahead for availability and secure tickets for when you’ll be visiting. Grab a coffee and a book for the downtime, head for your seats, and enjoy this wonderful LA experience.


Catch an open-air movie

This is one of those things we wish was more universally done these days. We miss the drive-in flicks of yesteryear, but we also miss going to open-air movies, and you have a great chance to do this in LA. Head to Electric Dusk Drive-In and check out a film at LA’s only drive-in movie theater. Feel like you’re stepping into the 1950s with this awesome experience, and it’s crucial to enjoy this before you leave LA.

24 hours in Los-Angeles

You have just 24-hours to explore and experience one of the greatest cities on Earth. So, what do you do? Well, the first thing to remember is that there is far more to do here than you could ever have time for. So you need to prioritize and make sure you select the things you want to do above anything else. We hope we have given you plenty of ideas to have the most epic 24 hours in Los Angeles!