The best sports hotels in the United States

Getting away on a trip or a vacation is a great way of seeing other parts of the world, or even of your own country. You want to be able to explore and take in the great surroundings, as well as focusing on just being out of your routine. But, the best kind of vacation, we think, is one where you combine your passion for sports with your passion for vacations. Staying at a sports hotel is the perfect way of combining both of these passions.

Now, you may not think it, but there are actually a fair few sports hotels across the USA, and each of them provides you with the ultimate opportunity to play sports in style, and unwind in luxury. This is pretty much the best way of experiencing your favorite sort of game and making sure you get the most out of it. If you’re looking for the next great idea for your vacation, you should check out some of the best sports hotels in the USA.

Mauna Kea Beach Hotel, Hawaii

How’s your backhand? Well, after a week at this sumptuous tennis resort, you’ll be able to answer that with a fizzing double hander down the line! Mauna Kea is one of the best hotels in the world for tennis fans, and the only place to be this summer. Located in tropical paradise Hawaii, tennis lovers from across the globe flock here for the amazing weather and sensational courts.

The Lodge at Sea Island, Georgia

Golf fans will be left drooling over this one – an opulent and stunning 18-hole course fit for champions! This is sensational 5-star luxury at its finest, and, after a hard day on the green, you can kick back on the beach, or in the amazing rooms they have here. Ideal for couples and families alike, The Lodge will see golf nuts in seventh heaven – and their families will be more than happy to spend time at the resort too!

The Nonantum Resort, Maine

We all know the beauty of New England, and that’s what makes it perfect for a sporting vacation. This amazing resort is the kind of place we have dreams about during a stressful and busy week at work. The great thing about it is how much of a diverse range of sports they offer here – including kayaking, cycling, and paddleboarding. This is ideal for families with kids, and those who just enjoy the active nature of sporting activities.

Fairmont Grand Del Mar, California

Okay, now we’re talking. Golfing vacations simply don’t get better than this place. The opulent, luxurious paradise of Fairmont Del Mar, set against the backdrop of the stunning California landscape is simply to die for. There’s a 5,000 square foot driving range to make use of here, as well as the Performance Academy aspect that studies your game and helps improve it. This place is simply magnificent, the golf is the tasty, satisfying icing on this most delicious of cakes.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

We couldn’t have a list of the best sports hotels in the US without mentioning this amazing skiing resort. Anyone who’s anyone in the world of skiing knows about Jackson Hole, and it’s clear to see why. Stepping into this lodge is like entering another world of decadence and indulgence. The decor is heavenly, and the facilities and amenities are above anything you could have imagined. And that’s before you even get to the skiing. Sublime.

Wouldn’t you love a stay in one of these exceptional sports hotels? They are the ultimate experience for sports lovers everywhere, and the quality of the hotel may even make the sports side of things more bearable for your family! Make your next vacay a sporty one, and be sure to check out these places while you’re at it.