Everything you wanted to know about Casablanca

Most people know Casablanca simply from the classic movie starring Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall. But, it is also one of the most famous and important cities in Morocco. Bordering the Atlantic Ocean, Casablanca is the largest city in Morocco and considered the primary port and financial hub of the country. But, for some reason, travelers always seem to skip it when they head to Morocco.

Places like Marrakech always seem to be more popular, and Casablanca is often romanticised as being this mythical place that exists within the film world. In reality, Casablanca is a vibrant and bustling city that needs to be explored and discovered – and sooner rather than later as well! Here is a list of everything you ever wanted to know about Casablanca – the city, not the movie!

Fascinating architecture

Morocco is pretty amazing for architecture as it is, but Casablanca is particularly stunning when you consider all the amazing buildings here. There is such a range of varying designs here, from Art Deco to ultra modern. To really get a feel for what the architecture here is like, as well as the history behind it, we recommend you take an architecture tour of the city. This is the best way of seeing all the breathtaking sites in one go, and getting your fill of stunning architecture.

The art and culture scene is huge

This probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise to you, but it’s fun to look at the art and culture of Casablanca, and really understand why it’s so special. There is a whole host of galleries and museums that you need to check out. There is also a great deal of street art, musical festivals, and urban dance events that allow you to explore all sides of Casablanca’s entertainment and culture scene.

It’s perfect for foodies

You might not associate Casablanca with being a particularly good foodie city, but that’s because you’re thinking of Marrakech. In reality, Casablanca is nothing like Marrakech when it comes to food and restaurants. In fact, there is a bustling restaurant scene here, popular with locals and tourists alike, and they have a pretty eclectic food scene to enjoy. Casablanca might not seem like the ideal place for foodies, but you’re in for a big treat. You can also enjoy an authentic farm to table experience, in a way that few other places will allow.

There’s a surf culture here!

Believe it or not, Casablanca actually has a pretty rad surfing culture – it kinda makes sense being that it’s right on the Atlantic coast. The beach scene here is actually very similar to Venice Beach in a lot of ways, and this is a good thing. There are some great surfing school here, like La Corniche, not to mention a Quicksilver Pro tournament as well. If surfing is your thing, you could have just unlocked an unknown paradise with Casablanca.

So, now you know that the city is about so much more than a cool movie with some infinitely quotable lines. The magic of Casablanca lives on its streets, in its homes, and through its culture, and this is something you can most certainly be a part of right now.