The most luxurious first-class cabins

Flying first-class is something that many of us can only dream of being able to afford. An incredibly expensive way to travel, it is also the most comfortable and offers plenty of added benefits to compensate for remortgaging your home to afford traveling in style. Many of us will never be able to go first-class, so we’re bringing first class to everybody. Here are the most luxurious first-class cabins.

First-class suite – Emirates

You want to travel in first-class, but you don’t want to have to spend time in the presence of others, even if they too are flying first class. Emirates Airlines offers its customers the chance to fly in their own private suites, giving passengers their very own high tech living space for the duration of their flight. They have mood lighting inside and offer camera projections of the outside, meaning you’ll always have a window seat to look out of. Your leather seat will fully recline to become a comfy bed, even offering customers the chance to place their bed in a zero-gravity position, increasing the feeling of relaxation and weightlessness. There are showers on board, and the food on offer is five-star quality, as are the beauty and grooming products.

La Première suites – Air France

For many people, France offers a chic style that not many other countries can replicate, so it makes sense that Air France offers their own stylish take on the first-class flying experience. Passengers using La Première suites can expect their cabin to be furnished in luxurious wood, metal, and leather as well as some of the best food available on any flight in the world. Passengers flying first-class with Air France can enjoy the finest menu designed by some of France’s best Michelin Star-winning chefs. Your seat can convert to a bed, and you won’t have to worry about privacy as there are curtains you can draw closed to make sure your space is your own.

The Residence – Etihad

Normally if you are going fly first class, you can expect plenty of leg room, top service from the air hostesses and a selection of the finest meals to get you through your journey. Etihad decided to offer their first-class customers a little extra, actually, a lot extra. Called “The Residence,” passengers using this service can expect to have use of their very own, private multi-room cabin. First off, you get your own personal butler to assist you in everything that you do, then you can feel free to roam around your own private living quarters for the rest of your flight. You’ll get a lounge of your own, complete with big TV, a double bedroom and a separate shower room to keep you feeling fresh. You’ll be living in such luxury that you’ll be sad when your flight ends and you have to go back to normal life.

Flying first-class is a luxury few people can afford, that is what makes it so extra special to those who can travel that way. Each airline will try to provide the best service possible to their customers, to make sure they keep coming back to them each time they fly. These first-class cabins are our pick for the most luxurious on offer and the reason why we’ll be asking for a free upgrade the next time we are traveling on their airline.