Planning a great trip at the last minute

Sometimes, you catch the traveling bug off guard, and you just have to take yourself away for a couple of days to explore a new place, travel to exotic lands, or spend some quality time with people you love. However, planning a last minute trip can be super stressful. The prices go up, the time limit goes down, and there’s so much to do when you are up against the clock. When the world is your oyster, but you have no time do plan it, how do you sort out a last minute trip without pulling your hair out?

Work out your budget

The first step in planning a last-minute trip is working out your budget. Naturally, every single country in the world varies in price, so working out how much you can afford to spend is the most important aspect of planning your trip. Look at your savings, at how much you could potentially use, and the maximum budget for your trip. This way, you can cross off the destinations which don’t fit your budget and circle the places that do. If you haven’t got a huge amount to work with, all-inclusive holidays are always a great option – pay one upfront fee, and you won’t need any spending money, so you’ll never go over your budget.

Keep an eye out for any last-minute deals

Although it is true that the later you book, the more the prices rise – it’s not necessarily true for all vacations. Many travel booking sites offer ‘last-minute deals’ where the airlines and the hotels offer reduced prices to fill up their flights and hotel rooms. Sign up to get travel alerts from these sites, so you can always get the best deals as soon as they come out.

Be flexible about where you want to go

At the end of the day, the world is a pretty massive place. Unless you travel to a new destination every month, there are bound to be hundreds of places you still haven’t visited – so be flexible when deciding where you want to go. Because you are booking last minute, you may find that you can’t travel to the exact place you want to go. If this is the case, look up places that are similar to your desired destination and see if you can go there instead. Or pick somewhere completely random – just because you can! Grab a pin, open up a map, close your eyes, and stick it in. Go there!

Keep it simple

If you book a vacation months in advance, you have months to sort out the right flights for you, the perfect hotel, trips or excursions, and what you want to see while you’re there. But if you’re booking a spur of the moment trip, you don’t have time to do that – nor do you need to. Keep your trip simple and let the spontaneity in you decide where you’re going next. This will make the whole trip run smoothly.