How to rent a car abroad

When you travel abroad, you want to have the freedom to go where you please and do some of the amazing things on offer. And, a great way of getting a little more independence is to rent a car while you’re there. Now, this is something a lot of people do when they go away, and it is one of the best ways of getting around, especially when you travel as a family.

But, you have to know as much as possible about the process when it comes to renting a car abroad. Making the right choice is important for helping you to have the perfect vacation experience. However, you have to remember that the process for renting a car, and, indeed, the rules of the road, can vary a lot from nation to nation, and this is something you have to keep in mind. These are some of the key things you need to think about if you want to rent a car abroad.

Rules of the road

A lot of countries drive on the opposite side from what you might be used to. Don’t assume that all nations are going to be the same – this is a mistake people often make. You’re going to need to get the hang of driving on the wrong side and basically look at everything you’ve learned the opposite way around. There are other things that are less obvious, so make sure you follow and adhere to the rules of the road in the place you’re visiting.


Make sure you sort your insurance out with plenty of time to spare before you actually go on your trip. If you leave this until the last minute, there will be a panicked rush when you arrive at the rental desk, and you will almost definitely pay over the odds. So, be sure you get this all sorted out with plenty of time to spare, and that you are covered as much as possible for driving abroad.

Do you need an automatic?

This is an important consideration because in many (most) countries the default rental car will almost always be a manual one. If you have practiced in an automatic, and you drive an automatic, this is not going to suit you. So, you have to make sure you do as much as possible to ensure you arrange or organize this well in advance. There will more than likely be opportunities to rent automatic, you will just need to make sure you plan it as much as possible.

Know your limit

Look, drinking and driving is not cool period, but, we understand that you may want a glass of wine or a beer with lunch on your vacation. In that case, you have to be aware of the limitations because they can vary from country to country. Some countries have a zero-tolerance policy, while other countries can be a little more relaxed – you have to know what the limit and policy is for your trip before going.

These are some of the considerations you will need to make before you head out on your vacation in a rented car. There are so many things to consider, and it is important to ensure that you abide by the rules of the road and that you are comfortable behind the wheel of your rental car. This is something that is going to be incredibly important, so you need to use some of the ideas on here to get you started on the right path.