The safest cities in the world

If you’re looking to move, or just looking to expand your knowledge of the world (every day is a school day, after all) you might want to check out how safe certain cities rank in comparison to others around the world. Luckily, the Safe Cities Index is on hand to give you all of the information you could possibly need to answer your questions – because they’re nice like that. This year, the Safe Cities Index has come up with a complete list of countries, and determined their safe and unsafe aspects, to monitor ‘security in a rapidly urbanising world.’ So let’s not dilly-dally, let’s check out the safest cities in the world…

What is The Safe Cities Index?

So what is the Safe Cities Index? Well, this report has been compiled by experts from The Economist Intelligence Unit and has explored life and security in 60 major cities across the world. You might be wondering why the heck we need this report, but it’s actually vital to our modern society. In just two years, more than 150 million people have left their small towns to take up residence in the bustling city. This incredible number means that there are roughly 4 billion people living in major cities across the globe (which is a bucket load). This number is set to increase over the next decade or so, making security of paramount importance.

What does it test?

The Safe Cities Index doesn’t just rock up to a city, walk around for a bit with a bag full of cash, and see how much gets stolen in two hours. Instead, the report takes an incredible amount of time and effort and determines a city’s place by exploring various factors. Across their report, the experts looked into 49 different indicators, including the city’s digital security, personal security, health security, infrastructure security and more. They then collated all of their data to rank the cities in order of their safety.

Which cities are the safest?

We’ve told you all about the report, but we bet you’re wondering which city came out on top? Well, it seems that Tokyo is the safest city in the world. Followed closely behind is Singapore, Osaka, Toronto, Melbourne, Amsterdam, Sydney, Stockholm, Hong Kong and Zurich. This isn’t the first time Tokyo has topped the charts, as the Japanese capital was also awarded 1st place in 2015. From their findings, the researchers found a distinct correlation between wealth and the level of safety in a city. In short, the wealthier the city, the safer it is.

Which cities are the least safe?

Unfortunately, there are a few cities that fall short of expectations. The least safe in the world are Cairo, Tehran, Quito, Caracas, Manilla, Ho Chi Minh City, Jakarta, Dhaka, Yangon…and the least safe city in the world is Karachi.

Although the Safe Cities Index gives us an insight into the safety of major cities across the world, they also noted that almost all of the cities (apart from Madrid and Seoul) had lost points over the years, meaning that the world is becoming increasingly unsafe. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news…