Tips for saving money while on vacation

You’re excited about going on vacation, you’ve been saving up for months to be able to get away for a while, but that means you can’t spend as much cash as you would like to when you get there. If you aren’t careful, you can spend a ton of money without realizing it when on vacation, so staying on top of your finances is a must when you’re away. We have got some helpful tips to make sure you save as much money as possible while still having a great vacation.

Flight snacks

You aren’t allowed to bring drinks through airport security anymore, but that is not the rule for food. Stuff a load of flight snacks in your carry on luggage to make sure you don’t have to spend a fortune on the airplane snacks. The markup on these food items is considerable, so you’ll be saving yourself almost the equivalent of a taxi ride from the airport just by avoiding buying these. You can make your own trail mix using granola and dried fruit, and that will keep you going throughout your flight. Many airports now have places you can fill an empty bottle with water after you get through security, saving you a couple of dollars buying that too.

Your own two feet

You can save yourself so much money by avoiding using public transport where possible. If you are visiting a city, then walk around it, immerse yourself in the atmosphere from the street, rather than in the back of a taxi cab. If where you are planning on heading to is too far to walk, look into renting a bicycle or scooter, they are considerably cheaper than a cab will be and you can go at your own leisurely pace through your vacation destination.


We need to talk about souvenirs, ask yourself if you really need to buy them at all. Have you noticed the other souvenirs you bought people just lying around their homes getting covered in dust? They are a nice gesture, but your vacation is for you, not your loved ones back home. If you really must get souvenirs to bring home then make sure you shop around. The prices will vary from location to location and don’t leave it until getting to the airport to buy them, they will be incredibly overpriced in the airport store.

Don’t pack too much

If you really are prepared to save some money make the brave decision to only bring carry on luggage with you. The price of checking in a case can be pretty substantial, sometimes as much as a flight. By packing light, you can ensure your money will be better spent when on vacation, maybe on a nice dinner or something. When looking for hotels, find one that has laundry facilities to allow you to pack fewer clothes.

Coffee lovers

If you have to start your day with a freshly brewed coffee, then the cost can really add up when on vacation. There is a solution though! You can buy a small French press coffee maker, meaning all you’ll need is some beans, and you should be good to brew fresh hot coffee every morning for a fraction of the price it will cost at the local cafes.

The cost can really add up when you are on vacation, so being able to save some money here and there will go a long way. Try following these tips to ensure your vacation doesn’t bankrupt you, or leave you having to wait years before you can afford to go on another one again.