This is where the world’s richest people vacation

There’s nothing better than packing your bags and going on vacation. This is a time for you to relax, unwind, and see a new part of the world that you haven’t seen before. Of course, going on vacation isn’t cheap. You need to pay for flights, you need to pay for your accommodation, and you need to pay for all of the added extras. Because of this, many people choose to fly closer to home to save themselves money. However, rich people don’t need to save any money. They have more than enough to go on exclusive and exotic vacations, and this is where they go…

They lounge on a private island

It’s always awkward when you want to totally sit back and relax, but there are other people around you. You have to share the pool, you have to race for sun loungers, and you have to deal with their sticky bodies sitting right next to you. Well, rich people are able to cut out this little niggle. They can lounge on private islands across the globe, but one of their favorites is Coco Prive. This private island will set you back around $35,000 a night, but it’s definitely worth it.

They diamond dive and keep the treasure

Rich people are almost always looking for ways to expand their wealth, and a Diamond Safari is one of the most fun ways to do that. This underwater safari takes place in South Africa over the course of 11 days and offers guests the chance to dive beneath the surface in search of priceless diamonds and jewels. They are allowed to keep anything they can find and will provide expert service along the way. They can get their jewels estimated, they can keep the raw jewels for themselves, or they can turn it into jewelry of some kind. The underwater world is their oyster – and the pearl is always inside.

They apres-ski in their own ski chalet

If you’ve ever been skiing, you’ll know that the ultimate dream is to stay in your very own ski chalet up in the mountains. Most people can’t afford that, but rich people can. In fact, they are able to rent out beautiful ski chalets that are more than what people earn every single year. Yes, Leo Trippi’s Chalet Ormello is constantly booked up with celebs and Royals alike and will cost you around $300,000+ a week. This will give you whole use of the chalet, including the indoor swimming pool, the home theater, the massage room, 15 beds, and even private access to the slopes.

Those who have oodles of cash to their name have the chance to go anywhere in the world. However, everyday vacations get boring after a while, so they like to mix things up a bit. They like to stay in ski chalets, they like to top up their tan on a private island, or they like to dive for diamonds. Soon enough they’ll be going into space!