Beautiful lakeside towns in Europe

Europe is one of the finest vacation destinations in the world and a stunning continent that needs to be discovered right now! If you’ve never been to Europe, you’re in for a treat, as there is so much diversity here. You get some of the amazing big cities where everything is urban and technological, and then there are areas of serene rural beauty, with sprawling beaches, rolling hills, and Mediterranean climates.

If you’re looking for a magical getaway that you will remember for years to come, Europe is definitely the place to enjoy this. This continent is home to some of the most breathtaking surroundings, such as stunning lakes, and mountainous backdrops. If you want the perfect vacation choice, why not choose one of these incredible lakeside towns in Europe.

Lake Bled, Slovenia

We have to say, Slovenia is one of the most underrated tourist destinations in Europe. So many people pass it by in favor of better-known locations, but we would definitely recommend it. The gorgeous Lake Bled is one of the most jaw-dropping lakes in Europe and has stunning views of the Julian Alps mountain range in the background. There is a quirky little church on an island in the middle of the lake that is well worth a visit, and the views are simply unforgettable.

Plockton, Loch Carron, Scotland

Recently, the Scottish Highlands were rated as the most beautiful travel destination in the world, and it’s tough to argue with that. If you ever get the chance to go, head to the small lakeside town of Plockton, on the shores of Loch Carron. This little village has less than 400 inhabitants, and, thanks to the North Atlantic Drift it enjoys a very un-Highland type of climate. In fact, you even get palm trees growing here. It’s a fascinating place because it’s unlike so much of the rest of the Highlands, but it’s certainly no less beautiful.

Salò, Lake Garda, Italy

Italy is one of the best places in Europe to visit because it has so much wonderful diversity in terms of geography and climate. And, as stunning lakeside towns go, Salò is one of the most picturesque in the world. Lying on the banks of Lake Garda, this pretty town has kept its medieval touch and has some Gothic architecture thrown into the mix as well. It has a huge promenade that is well worth checking out, not to mention some views that are truly to die for.

Annecy, France

In the Haute-Savoie region of southeastern France, the town of Annecy lies on the shores of Lake Annecy, right where the lake feeds the Thiou River. Stunning alpine views of the surrounding area make this one of the best towns to visit. And that’s before we even get to mentioning the famous lake. With canals running through the center, and a famous old castle, you simply have to check out the ‘Venice of the Alps.’

These are just a few of the most remarkable and memorable lakeside towns in Europe. You have to do as much as you can to figure out what the best sort of town for you would be (although hopefully we’ve given you a headstart). There are so many of these stunning locations throughout Europe, and we’ve provided you with just a snapshot of some of the best. Your introduction to the beautiful side of Europe is just beginning, and these are places you should keep in your mind!