Best destinations in the world to feel the winter sun

Are you perhaps not a big fan of winter and decided to go on vacation somewhere warmer in order to escape the cold winter months? Then this article is for you! We will be discussing the best hot spots that will be making you get over your winter blues in no time.

1. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is especially well-known for its elephants. Many people go there specifically to feed the elephants or to swim with them. They also have spot leopard safaris available and many other animal-lover related activities like looking and holding baby turtles. You can also absorb some local culture or just enjoy some of the local cuisine. If you prefer soaking up some sun rays on the beach, that is okay too as there are many luscious beaches available!

Best destinations in the world to feel the winter sun

2. Thailand

One place to specifically mention in Thailand that is very popular is Phuket. There are many affordable online packages available that include both flight and hotel costs. There are also many islands surrounding Phuket that can be reached by boat and each island has its own unique activities to do on them like windsurfing or zip-lining. It is also an amazing destination for foodies as there are some amazing restaurants available. Typical temperatures range from 70 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. St Lucia, Caribbean Islands

Since you will be going to the Caribbean Islands, you do not have to stay in St Lucia alone, even though it is a tourist hotspot, but you can visit neighboring islands during the day. There are so many things to do, from swimming with pigs to catching some waves, or even just relaxing on the beach. There are even some volcanic springs and mud pools to be explored! Temperatures are always between 73 to 84 degrees Fahrenheit, so you will have no problems staying warm.

4. Dubai

Dubai actually has a lot to offer if you are not looking for the typical beach vibe. You can go shopping and dining to your heart’s content. There is even a water park available for those really hot days. Something to consider doing is to camp out in the desert under the stars! This is an amazing and peaceful experience to have and will be something like no other.

5. Hawaii

Yes, Hawaii. It is perhaps a bit of a cliché, but it is on this list for a reason and that reason being that it is a hit. It is warm all year round, there are amazing beaches and great waves, the resorts are catered to spoiling their customers and making their holiday amazing. What more could you ask for? There are so many activities to do, you could go for a walk in the rainforest or even go and have a look at that volcano like they do in the movies. So why not go on a little adventure?

Best destinations in the world to feel the winter sun

6. Vietnam

More people are flocking to Vietnam as they are discovering how friendly the people are and how affordable vacations can be. The country is also beautiful and rich in culture. You definitely will not be bored as you can keep yourself busy with kayaking, yoga, and many More exciting activities. You might be surprised to hear that Vietnam has some of the most amazing beaches, so definitely do not leave your swimsuit at home. Temperatures can vary between 66 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.