Resolutions for traveling the world in 2018

If you’ve ever sat at your office, desperately Googling trips and wishing you were somewhere else, anywhere in the world, feeling homesick for places that you’ve never even been yet, you could be suffering from wanderlust. The only way to cure wanderlust is to travel. A lot! So this year, instead of making pointless resolutions that you’ll never keep about eating better or going to the gym, why not set yourself some travel-based resolutions that will be a whole lot more fun to keep!

Visit a country where English is not their first language

When you are traveling, there is a real culture shock in finding a country where you do not speak the language. As intimidating as this can be, it’s very freeing too, as you have to think about other ways to communicate and really immerse yourself in a world so different to your own. This year, try to visit a non-English speaking country as part of your bucket list.

Make a cross-country road trip

Sure, other countries are amazing, but have you experienced a real American road trip yet? Each state is so different in terms of climate, landscape, and social conventions, so you don’t even need a passport to experience something completely different. Grab some buddies and be prepared to stop off at any quirky roadside attractions (such as the world’s biggest thermometer in Baker, California) on the way!

Visit a climate that is the most different from your own

Find a place that offers the complete opposite climate of your own. For example, if you live somewhere that is hot and dry all year round, head to a ski resort and experience snow! If you are used to rain and misery for most of the year, head for a sunny, warm part of the world. Don’t forget to pack for the climate you are going to, and not the one you’re used to!

Choose a trip based on food

Let your stomach do the deciding for you! What cuisine do you absolutely love? Chinese? Thai? Italian? Make your next trip a mission to try that food in its country of origin and see how it compares! Bon appetit!

Visit somewhere that might be gone soon

It’s a depressing thought, but there are some places on the planet right now that your grandchildren might miss out on as they are expected to disappear in the next 50 or so years. For example, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is on this list, so why not book a trip down under and once you have experienced this natural beauty, make it your mission to advocate for preservation.

Enjoy the journey as much as the destination

If you usually fly everywhere, perhaps look at trying an overnight train ride and make the journey as much of an experience as the place you are traveling too. You could also travel by ferry or even a coach.

The world is so big and full of new and exciting things to see, smell, taste, and experience. Make it a resolution to explore more countries and make yourself stick to it. Although it costs money to travel, it also makes you richer in more important ways. Bon, voyage!