Why you should take a trip to the desert

If you’re currently looking for your next vacation destination, there’s a high chance that you’re looking for something a bit different. So, where do you go? Do you go cage diving in South Africa? Do you go bungee jumping in New Zealand? Do you go backpacking in Asia? While you can do all of those things, we were thinking of something a little more unique. This is why you should take a trip to the desert.

You can sleep under the stars

Unless you live in the middle of nowhere, you probably don’t appreciate the night sky as much as you should do. This may be because you simply cannot see the stars above the giant skyscrapers, or it may be because you just don’t look up. However, if you do choose to take a trip to the desert, you could quite literally sleep under the stars. With little cloud cover and no pollution in sight, you’ll have unedited views of the night sky. What could be better than that?

You can try out a new form of transportation

Bored of driving your car to work every day? Can’t be bothered to sit next to the man who constantly coughs on the subway? It sounds like you’re ready for a new form of transportation to make its way into your life. No trip to the desert would be complete without a ride on a camel, and we reckon it could be the perfect way to put a smile on your face. You won’t have the hump, at least.

You get a front-row view

If you’re fond of a good ol’ sunset, you’ll be able to get more than enough photos for the ‘Gram in the desert. Without a soul in sight, you’ll get a front-row view of the sun setting beyond the dunes, and you’ll be able to see your bright oasis transform before your very eyes. Make sure you take a jacket, though, because the desert can be pretty chilly once the sun goes down.

You can take amazing photos in the desert

You can experience a whole new world

Although we’d love for Aladdin to come along with his flying carpet, that’s not what we mean by a whole new world. The desert is a weird and wonderful place, and it’s sometimes impossible to believe that you are still on planet earth. With sand all around you, it looks like you’re on another planet – and that’s something most of us will never experience in our lives. So, might as well take advantage while you can.

You can try out a new sport

While many people take a trip to the desert to check out the rolling hills of sand, there are other people who go there to try out a new sport. From sandboarding to 4×4 driving experiences, there are so many ways to enjoy these hills. Where else can you surf without there being any water around? Only in the desert, baby!

If you’re currently in two minds as to whether you should go to the desert or not, here’s your answer: Yes.