Trekking in the Caucasus

There are just some experiences you need to make sure you have in your life. We only get one life, and it’s important to live it in the best way we possibly can. And that means seizing opportunities when they arise and doing things you might not normally choose to do. And that, to us, means taking a breathtaking vacation with a difference.

These days, one of the best places you can go is the small European country of Georgia. It might not seem like the obvious choice when considering your next vacay, but there’s one thing in particular that draws people here. And that is the opportunity to trek the Caucasus mountains in style. This is an opportunity you don’t get to enjoy every day – check out this guide to a Georgian trek of the Caucasus.

Georgian splendour: trekking in the Caucasus


The Tusheti region of northeast Georgia is the perfect place to start your historical trek. Located on the northern sloped of the Caucasus, and reachable only by a 68km trek, Tusheti is a place like something from a fantasy novel. Bordering Russia to the north, this is a stunning paradise of forests, valleys, lakes, and mountainous peaks. This is one of the most remote places we’ve ever encountered, and time almost seems to stand still for a time.

By horseback

There are some parts of the Caucasus that you will not be able to traverse by foot, and these are the times when you will need to go by horseback. But you’ll have to plan in advance because winter makes this place a no-go area for certain times of the year. Through steep slopes, across rolling canyons, and up precarious climbs, this is the kind of place you might only experience once in your life, so be sure to make the most of it, and go by horse wherever possible.

Make sure you get a guide

Not only are guides invaluable for a trip like this, but they also help you keep you safe. The Caucasus presents treacherous terrain, and it’s so remote that it’s easy to get lost. You need a guide who knows their way around and will be able to take you the best possible routes. It’s crucial to get someone who is informative and friendly, and who knows the trek like the back of their hand. There are wolves and bears sometimes that can be found in Tusheti and other regions, so trekkers need to be cautious.


This is the kind of place you might only get the chance to see and enjoy now and again. So make the most of it – the views are simply unbeatable. And there is every mixture of terrain you could possibly imagine. You will get to stand on mountain peaks and see mind-blowing views, pause by magical mountain streams, and really enjoy the great outdoors in style. This is a new side of Georgia – a gentler and more beautiful side of the country, and one we could all stand to check out.

Georgian splendour: trekking in the Caucasus

|If you ever book a trip to Georgia you should make sure you use it to trek the Caucasus Mountains. They are one of the best-kept secrets of this area, and the experience will change your life. This beautiful and windswept mountain trek is one of the most important treks you’ll ever take.