Why Tulum should be your next vacation

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Ah, Mexico. The undiscovered gem. Mexicans have brought so much to the world, and influenced other cultures, that it’s about time we appreciated and discovered their culture firsthand. Sure, you might be sick of sombreros, tacos (why?!), and tequila, but these are just scratching the surface of the real Mexico. You need to dig deeper, to be more unique and original with your choices. Basically, you need Tulum.

You likely won’t have heard of this stunning resort town on the East coast of Mexico, but, we defy you to forget it in a hurry. Tulum is unique among resort towns because this one sits on a walled Mayan archaeological site – cool huh?! This means you are literally spoilt for choice when it comes to breathtaking sites and a link to history that is simply unbreakable. Check out these awesome reasons why Tulum should be your next vacation spot.

The beaches

Tulum has some of the best beaches in all of Mexico – in fact, Playa Paraiso is arguably the finest beach in the country, with sparkling sand and clear blue waters. If you are a beach bum, you will feel right at home here, and there will be plenty of places you can visit while you’re here too. The beaches are so idyllic that they are a worth a visit for the view alone, and that means it has plenty to offer even to those who aren’t lovers of sand and sea.

Choose dates for your next dream vacation to Tulum

Why Tulum should be your next vacation

Mind-blowing cenotes

Cenotes are the name given to natural pits or sinkholes that form in the earth, and they can create some incredibly striking scenes. Tulum has some of the best cenotes we’ve seen in the country, and they are hugely popular with tourists. You simply have to visit at least one of these majestic sinkholes, and going for a swim in the cool waters is the ideal remedy to fight against the heat of the afternoon sun. Check out the cenotes around where you are staying and see which ones are best.


The food is out of this world

We all love Mexican food, right? Especially if we enjoy spices. The great thing is that in Tulum you don’t get the generic choices as you might in, say, Mexico City. Whether you’re after seafood or vegetarian options, this is, without question, the best place to be. There is something to suit all tastes here, and some of the restaurants are spectacular. However, bear in mind that almost all restaurants and bars here are cash only. You can pay in Mexican pesos or US dollars, but make sure you have money with you when you go out for dinner.

See the Mayan ruins

It’s not just beaches, cenotes, and delicious food on offer here, there are also some sensational Mayan ruins to explore as well. The Tulum Ruins give an insight into ancient Mexico and show us how incredible this country is. The ruins are supremely beautiful and tell a fascinating story that deserves to be discovered by all. Try to get there early to avoid the crowds, and ensure you get the best photo opportunities.

Why Tulum should be your next vacation

If you’re looking for a Mexico with a difference, Tulum is certainly the place to be. You get to enjoy the relaxed social side of a beach vacation, while at the same time absorbing some incredible culture and sampling magnificent food. We can’t wait to return to this Mexican paradise as soon as possible.