At a yoga retreat in India: beach walks, body treatments, and healing

Many of us head away on vacation to relax and unwind from our daily lives and the stresses that come with them. Maybe that’s a tyrannical boss, or you’re sick of sitting in traffic looking at tail lights. Whatever you’re trying to escape from, we all need a bit of time to ourselves to chill and reflect on why we get up morning after morning and punch in at work. Something many of us do to relieve ourselves of our work stress is yoga and meditation. Why not combine that activity with a vacation? Surely that’s double the relaxation in half the time! That is probably optimistic math, but vacations are relaxing and so is yoga. The SwaSwara Resort in India offers such a trip. People are taking themselves off to India to restore their internal balance with yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda. Ayurveda is a therapeutic process involving aromatherapy and ingesting Indian plant roots that is meant to rebalance your energies. Heading to the retreat to wind down and relax seems like a no-brainer.

What is the aim of the resort?

Discovering where these ancient techniques have originated from and removing yourself from modern living and all of its distractions is part of it. Being at the retreat will allow you to let go of your worries, even grieve if you need to. They ask you to complete a questionnaire and then tailor your experience to what they think will work best for you. That includes relaxation treatments, and they use a doctor to prescribe your Ayurveda diet. The doctor will ask you about your ailments and if you have any aches and pains and then allocate you a program for you to follow. They assess how the five elements in your body are combined, the doctor will figure out how fire, ether, air, water, and earth influence your personality.

Where is it?

Based in a lush landscape, the retreat detaches you from modern life, apart from the air-conditioned rooms there is little trace of the technological world we are trying to escape from. Situated just a stone’s throw away from the Arabian Sea, SwaSwara is an idyllic location to lose yourself in.

An average day

Morning yoga begins early, a little after dawn, allowing you to listen to the sounds of nature around you, influencing you to slow your breathing. Don’t even bother bringing your fancy yoga pants, you will be issued with comfortable loose fitting outfits that breath so much more than those spandex ones. Once you’ve had the morning session you head to a modest and straightforward breakfast with a relaxed attitude, no stressful morning commute required. Your meals are an important part of Ayurveda, so a lot of emphasis is placed upon them while staying at the retreat. Organically sourced and balanced, SwaSwara Resort provides all of your meals. Taking the need to think about what you’ll be eating away further adds to your relaxed state of mind. Farting is encouraged so you may have to get used to the sounds, and smell, if you want to unwind truly. You will bathe in a traditional water tank and receive massage therapy in a full body wind down.

You will finish your vacation so chilled out you’ll forget you have to go home. When you get back, you will have a new outlook on life, and hopefully, you can find inner peace from whatever it was you wanted to escape from.