7 Ways to Make Yourself Feel At Home Away From Home

There’s no doubt that traveling is probably one of the most exciting things to do for most people. As obvious as it may sound, people don’t always know or think about what it is that makes them so pumped about it. Maybe it has to do with the planning itself when you read and research about the place and prepare yourself mentally, logistically (and physically sometimes especially if it’s a beach vacation). Once you arrive at your destination and everything you had imagined and pictured in your head comes to life, that’s where the real excitement lies. When you travel to a different place, unless you decided to have an open ticket and travel around the world in 80 days, you would usually have a return ticket knowing you are going back home.


The story, however, might be totally different when you move to live in another country. The planning, to say the least, looks totally different. On one hand you pack your favorite belongings, especially if they have a sentimental sense to them, on the other hand you don’t want to pack too much as you are about to settle in a new place where you could probably buy anything you might need. It also really depends where you’re moving to. If you relocate to Africa for example, the preparations you need to make, apart from the mental ones, include vaccinations for example, and some of your considerations might include a new language you need to be familiar with and a new culture to adapt to.

People who decide to relocate, do it for different reasons. It could be a job relocation, a move that has to do with wanting a change in your life, or moving in order to study abroad.

There are so many implications that come along with such a big move (literally), that it might be good sometimes to pause and think about it long and hard. Once you decide to do it you really have to embrace the new change in your life and try and make the most of it.


In adapting to life in a foreign country, you might feel most at home in the ‘third-culture’ which you have created uniquely for yourself. Integrating in a new culture is and can be very challenging, but if you know how to find the positive aspects like getting familiar with new cultures, learning a new language at times, having the ability to adapt to new places and situations easier than others, it might just end up being the best experience of your life.

The reality check in this case is still entirely different than when you just travel and go back to your homeland. What you had pictured in your mind gets a totally new meaning as you are here to stay and the memories you will gain along the way will not be unpacked soon like when you do after a two week vacation to Thailand and you post your pictures on Facebook for the world to see (and be envious of).


People who move to a new country for whatever reason, their initial instinct and feeling may be to think that they are just traveling and so they will act as tourists for the first weeks or months. There’s no doubt that it could be a pretty awesome thing to feel like a tourist sometimes in your own city, however in the case of moving, it’s really important that you drop your touristic manners and start making yourself feel more like home away from home.



But First Coffee

There’s just something really nice and comforting about having your usual coffee shop that you walk into every morning while the barista already knows what coffee you order  without you having to tell him. It’s just another way to send yourself off to start the day with a nice taste in your mouth and a good cup of coffee in your hand. It’s those little morning rituals that could turn your day from just another day to an awesome one. When you move to a new city, take a little tour around to find out which is the closest and coziest coffee shop that will make you want to start the day in. Trust us when we say, feeling you belong to a coffee shop definitely hits home.


Make Friends

It might be easier said than done and totally obvious, but the power of being surrounded with people that you can have a decent conversation with, or just grab a nice cup of coffee with every now and then is enormous. It’s another safety net that will get you one step further to feeling secure at your new place. Sure, they might not be your friends from back home that have known you inside out you your whole life, but still, it might be a nice opportunity to explore some new friendships. You might be pleasantly surprised. Our tip is just start talking to people and things will flow from there.

Young people sitting at a cafe table. Group of friends talking in a coffee shop.

Home Alone

Now this next one might sound like a total juxtaposition to the one above, but another important and even crucial thing you must go through is to make time for yourself. A big part of creating a sense of home is knowing you’re just fine being on your own at your new place. It’s a total self discovery and internal soul search and once you’ll be consciously aware of how you feel, you’ll be able to attack these emotions and work through with them. Bottom line, don’t be afraid to be alone! It will even help you make new friends more smoothly once you realize yo can also count on yourself.


Unpacking Memories

Whatever number of boxes or suitcases you brought along, don’t postpone unpacking them. We all know what it’s like, we, as humans have a tendency to postpone things just because we have “better” or more important stuff to do. However, when it comes to moving to a new country in particular, it’s absolutely crucial that you unpack your belongings as soon as possible. Having your old stuff laying around your new home will make you feel at home sooner than you think.


Pardon My French

If you’re moving to a new place where they the locals don’t speak the same language as yours, sign up for a language course or practice with online classes, whatever works for you. Just make sure you can at least ask the mundane questions such as “how much does it cost” or “how do I get to..”. Being able to communicate with the locals, will make you feel really good about yourself really quick.


Let’s Get Personal

Moving away doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to drop your old life and completely forget about them. On the contrary, taking one or two personal items that you have an emotional connection to will make you feel homesick but in a good way. It can be your childhood pillowcase, a small picture frame, or even your favorite cup of coffee.


Get Lost

Ok we don’t really mean for you to actually get lost, but the point is to walk around until you feel like you got lost. Sometimes by just walking and exploring your neighborhood and trying to feel the daily vibe will make you feel a part of the new place.