What should you absolutely not do when visiting Canada

Canada is famous for its hospitable and friendly citizens. While it is often assumed that Canadians do not offend easily, it is probably best not to try and push people too far when you’re visiting their country. We have found some of the most common mistakes made by people who visit Canada and have compiled a list to make sure you don’t fall into the same trap as others.

Don’t stick to the cities

Canada is pretty big, there is more to see there than just the city lights of Toronto, Ottawa, or Quebec. The geography is pretty diverse, so there is plenty of wildlife to see and nature parks to hike through. Make sure to research where you are heading to as there are cougars, bears, moose, and wolves that can all hurt you if you come across them. Don’t head out of a city into nature walk without being prepared. The weather is a bit unpredictable and can change from a lovely sunny day to a snowstorm in an instant. Be prepared for all kinds of weather!

Don’t compare them to Americans

Canadians often pride themselves on being different to their American neighbors, so pointing out the similarities between the two nations is unlikely to win you any friends. While on the face of it they might sound a little like Americans, and their cities can have an American feel, Canadians are proud to be different. Their history, politics, and social dynamics are different, and you should take care not to be insensitive to that fact.

Don’t complain about the temperature

Sure, Canadian winters can be pretty harsh, but you don’t need to remind the locals of that fact when you visit. They are more aware than anyone how cold it can be, so telling them how cold you are is not likely to endear them to you. The temperatures can get as low as 5℉ on a daily basis but can reach extremes as low as -40℉. Make sure you bring windproof clothing if you visit in the winter as the wind chill can make it feel even colder.

Don’t rush onto public transport

Sure, you’ve been standing on the platform for several minutes, but that doesn’t mean you should just barge your way onto the next train. You should allow the people to get off the train first; otherwise, you’ll only be adding even more chaos to rush hour. Hopping on the train before giving everyone a chance to get off is considered to be pretty rude.

Don’t assume Toronto is the capital

Just because it is the city that you have heard of the most, doesn’t make it the capital. Much like New York in America, Toronto is commonly mistaken to be the Canadian capital. The capital of Canada is none other than Ottawa, so if you’re traveling anywhere in Canada outside of Toronto, make sure to remember where the capital city is!

Although Canadians are incredibly polite and friendly people, they have several customs that they are proud of and can take offense if they are not followed. Thankfully, after reading this list, you’ll now be able to blend in perfectly without making anyone angry.