The most affordable countries to study abroad in

So you’re thinking about studying abroad? There’s a lot to be said for boosting your education in another part of the world. It exposes you to new cultures and offers an experience you could never have back home. However, while studying abroad might seem like an exciting prospect, it can set you back a fair bit concerning money. There’s no need to worry though. Some countries are surprisingly affordable to live in for when you want to take your education to the next level.

The most affordable countries to study abroad in


If you’ve thought about studying in Asia, then Taiwan might be the place to go. Costs here aren’t too crazy, with accommodation averaging around $2,500 per year, while tuition fees are upwards of $3,000. There are more than 40 universities on offer covering a vast range of subjects, more than 100 of which are taught in English. If you don’t mind being a long way from home, Taiwan could be the perfect place to study abroad. You can even get in some Mandarin lessons while you’re there and return home with a whole new language in your repertoire.


Another country that has very reasonably priced tuition (averaging $2,000 to $3,000 per year), this cultural hub can offer you one of the most exciting experiences abroad. There are plenty of historical sights to see and explore during your free time, as well as an excellent nightlife scene. Warsaw, Poland’s capital city, has regularly been named one of the best cities for students because of its affordability, with yearly living costs around $8,500. If you’re hoping to save a little money, you might want to try learning Polish before you study there. People who study in Polish and pass the entrance exams can go to college for free.


Students have long celebrated Germany as an excellent place to study. Its popularity has continued to rise over the years, and we think we know why. If you’re an undergraduate, then you don’t have to pay tuition fees, apart from if you’re studying in Baden-Württemberg. Living costs are a fair bit higher here than in other places, averaging around $10,000 on a yearly basis, but the lack of tuition fees makes this country highly affordable. Plus, there are few places better for the ultimate educational experience. Germany is rich with culture, but it also knows how to throw the best parties.

The most affordable countries to study abroad in


For students looking to stay on this side of the globe, you might want to set your sights on Argentina. This South American country also has no tuition fees for anyone looking to study at a public university, with private establishments charging around $5000 per year. One of the significant benefits of Argentina is its affordable living costs, with rent available from just $350 a month. You’ll probably only need $5000 to last you throughout the academic year. Not only is Argentina affordable, but it also has some of the most incredible sights. If you’re the outdoors type or you love exploring, you’ll have a great time here.


There aren’t many countries that come cheaper to live in than Malaysia while still offering a world-class educational program. You can easily survive on $3,000 to $4,000 per year in the country, with the same amount usually required for the courses on offer. Kuala Lumpur has regularly ranked near the top for affordable student cities, so it’s clearly doing something right. What’s more, many international colleges have campuses in Malaysia, meaning you can earn a degree from an institution respected around the world.

Everyone deserves to see more of the world, and studying abroad is a great way to do that. Never let the cost stand in the way of such a unique experience, because there are so many places to attend at an affordable price. This is something that money can’t buy.