The best low-cost airlines in the world

Flying can be a costly experience, especially if you have to travel frequently to see family and friends or for business. However, there has been a huge rise in the number of low-cost airlines over the last decade or so. It’s no longer going to cost the earth to get from one side of the world to the other. However, not all are as good as they claim to be. That’s why we have handpicked the best low-cost airlines in the world for you. Now you can have an enjoyable flight on a budget!


This airline is consistently earning the title of World’s Best Low-Cost Airline from Skytrax. Servicing over 120 destinations around the world, they’re not just limited to Asia either (despite the name). AirAsia is constantly receiving five-star reviews from customers due to efficient operations, friendly staff, and fast customer service. What was a failing state-owned airline just 15 years ago, has done well to turn itself around.

Norwegian Air

If you have ever flown with Norwegian Air, you’ll know the tick all of the right boxes for an airline. Their planes are (nearly) always on time. There’s just enough space to stretch your legs in economy. Their staff are friendly, their check-in is easy, and they even provide free wi-fi on the plane. Handy if you’re using them for business trips, which many people do. Add this to their over 130 destinations, many of which are long-haul, and this is easily one of the best low-cost airlines in the world.

The best low-cost airlines in the world

JetBlue Airways

You can visit over 90 destinations with the New York-based airline, JetBlue, all for a lot less than many other airlines! Since they started out in 1998, they’ve constantly pushed for a better standard in the low-cost flight industry, with other airlines following their lead. Their signature mood lighting is a definite selling point, but that’s not all. They provide free snacks and drinks, along with satellite TV, and some of the roomiest seats of any economy airline in America.


They’re possibly one of the most famous low-cost airlines, being one of the first to pave the way for no-frills, budget flying. EasyJet also covers nearly 800 destinations across Europe, making it the low-cost airline with the biggest reach. Recently, EasyJet has attempted to make it easier for customers to work out all those ‘hidden costs’ which used to be a problem. Over the last few years, they’ve consistently received good feedback for their low prices and excellent customer service.

The best low-cost airlines in the world

Wizz Air

Wizz Air is a Hungarian airline that covers over 140 destinations around the world. With pretty in your face branding (although not as bright as EasyJet’s), they’re one of the newest kids on the block. However, don’t let that put you off. Over the last 14 years, this European airline has made a real name for itself in the low-cost airline industry. With impeccable customer service and extremely reduced airfares, Wizz Air is a good choice for your budget vacation or business trip.

The best low-cost airlines in the world

These five, hand-picked budget airlines are perfect for the next time you need to save money on a trip. Just remember to keep an eye out for extra costs (such as for baggage or taxes) and compare each one, to enjoy the most for your money. Happy money-saving vacation!