Estonia – the baltic gem

A small Baltic country in northern Europe, simultaneously kissing the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Finland, Estonia is one of the most mysterious nations in the world. This tiny country, made up of more than 1500 tiny islands, is one of the places we would recommend in the Baltic Sea over the more common ones. Sure, you might consider Finland, Iceland, or one of the Scandinavian nations. But, if you want magic, originality, and something a little more esoteric, Estonia is the choice.

The Jewel of the Baltic, Estonia has never been the most popular of destinations – in fact, you might struggle to think of someone who has visited. But, honestly, that’s even more reason to visit Estonia. The curiosity and allure of this charming, unassuming nation is something that has endeared it to thousands of visitors over the years, and now is your turn to learn why you need to pay a visit to Estonia.

It’s not a tourist hotspot… yet

What we love about this country is that it hasn’t yet been ruined by tourism. There are so many beautiful places in the world these days that are almost uninhabitable because they are full of tourists. Fortunately, Estonia seems to have remained immune so far, and this is a great reason to check it out. Even Tallinn, the capital city, looks like a medieval village and never has too many people passing through. Enjoy this majestic and friendly country before it becomes the trendy place to visit!

Wonderful history

Estonia has a wonderful history to it, with links to multiple other nations and cultures. In fact, the country was constantly under foreign rule until it gained its own independence in 1991. As a result, the nation has absorbed lots of different foreign cultures, so it’s a melting pot of lots of different European cultures. This can be seen throughout much of the architecture and the stunning buildings around the country. A journey around Estonia will give you a crash course in some of the most stunning European architecture. This is well worth taking the time to do, and you should take a camera out with you as well to snap these amazing buildings.

Jaw-dropping nature

Don’t think Estonia is just about amazing architecture and a blending of cultures, oh no. The country is also home to some of the most stunning nature we’ve ever seen. The countryside has some incredible wide open spaces that are simply breathtaking. There are five national parks here, with the most breathtaking being Lahemaa National Park. Stunning lakes, like Lake Peipus, also help to give the visual beauty an extra dimension – it’s undeniable that Estonia has some truly spectacular natural beauty and charm.


You know how when you go abroad to a lot of places, the food can sometimes be hit or miss? Well, you don’t have to worry about that in Estonia – the food is on point! They eat a lot of pork and smoked fish here, with potatoes, cabbage, and plenty of game as well. Elk is also a big thing here, and it’s incredibly tasty, so we recommend trying it. Try to sample as much of the local food as you can to get a true taste of what Estonia is like, and what the locals enjoy.

Estonia is most definitely a Baltic gem and one that we can’t recommend enough. If you want a place that’s full of friendly locals, gorgeous natural scenery, a blending of interesting cultures, great history, and that’s not too full of tourists, it’s ideal. And, the great thing is that it’s not going to break the bank for you to visit either!