In-flight meals you’ll actually want to eat

Airline food is notorious for being….well, not very nice. At best, you’ll actually enjoy the bread roll and butter, but leave the slightly gray hot mess that takes up the rest of the plate. To give airlines credit, it can’t be easy to feed 100+ passengers from one trolley, no ovens, and no fresh produce. Oh, and 35,000 ft in the air. However, there are some airlines that are upping their in-flight meal games. These are just some of the best in-flight meals out there; the ones you’ll actually want to eat.

Singapore Air: grilled fillet of beef

Airlines nowadays are starting to allow their customers to pre-order their meal before they step foot on the plane. Depending on your ticket and your seat class, the meals can come in all shapes, sizes, tastes and colors. If you fly business-class with Singapore Air, the options are scrumptious and are more like a fine-dining restaurant experience than Airline food. Our favorite is the grilled fillet of beef with shallot tarragon sauce, French beans, and roasted Pumpkin.

Virgin America: flight-bites tapas

Could anything get better than having Tapas style food on an aircraft? Virgin America have got their in-flight food down to a T. Their ‘Flight Bites’ Tapas includes selections of salads, meats, and fruits all in a handy box. The selections change depending on the season, so you can always be sure that you’re getting the best possible produce. The airline has also teamed up with Dean & DeLuca to provide their flyers with delicious sweet treats like gummy bears, chocolate, and popcorn.

JetBlue: sirloin sandwich

As JetBlue offers cross-country flights, they do not offer full hot main meals. Rather, they have opted for delicious light bites to fill up the bellies of their customers. Their main in-flight meal attraction is their Sirloin sandwich – sirloin steak, caramelized onions, spring greens, horseradish cream, white cheddar…topped off with a quinoa and raisin salad on the side. Err, yes, please.

Hawaiian Airlines: loco moco

Although Hawaii isn’t too far away, Hawaiian Airlines likes to show off its roots and emphasize the clash of cultures by offering their customers traditional Hawaiian dishes. One of our favorites is the Loco Moco dish. The Loco Moco consists of steamed rice, topped with a hamburger patty, gravy and a fried egg – sunny side up. All that’s missing is a big chunk of pineapple if you ask us! Get a taste of Hawaii before you even get there. Quite literally.

Austrian Airlines: viennese schnitzel

Austrian Airlines have gone even further with their in-flight meals. Rather than buying business class tickets to qualify for exclusive in-flight meals, Austrian Airlines are offering their customers the chance to upgrade to their meals, wherever they are sitting, for an extra €15 (around $16). Customers are then allowed to pre-order their in-flight food from a range of gourmet meals – including the Viennese Schnitzel, consisting of the traditional Schnitzel meat, side salad, and even a chunk of lemon to squeeze over your dish.

Air New Zealand: braised beef

New Zealand isn’t just around the corner, and Air New Zealand want to make their customers as comfortable as possible during their long-haul flight. Economy menus are produced by world-renowned chef, Peter Gordon, and includes the amazing main course – Red wine braised beef with green beef and polenta infused with blue cheese. Anyone fancy a trip to New Zealand?

Qatar Airways: Arabic mezze

Mezze, anyone? Qatar Airways allows its passengers a sneak peak into the Middle East with their in-flight meals. Their Arabic Mezze is served in all classes of the aircraft and includes traditional dishes such as tabbouleh, hummus, and Arabic bread. We fancy a trip just to tuck into that.