Would you go on a group honeymoon?

Let’s rewind for just a few minutes to those pre-wedding days. A bit part of the wedding festivities (and also let’s face it, a big part of dealing with the post-wedding blues) is to plan your honeymoon with your new hubby or wifey. It’s a good chance to get away, just the two of you, to relax and take a break from the everyday life. Let’s face it, it’s supposed to be one of, if not the most romantic vacation the two of you will ever embark on. So it does seem a little bit odd that you would throw in a bunch of your friends or family members, to that perfect equation.

When you envision a honeymoon, usually the first picture that pops in your head is an extremely romantic getaway , whether it’s an exotic island with an overly-priced resort or a more adventurous trip, that can still be very romantic if you only decide. You usually don’t see a newlywed traveling with an entourage. However, who is to decide how a honeymoon should look like? Who said that bringing along a group of your very best friend couldn’t be the perfect formula for the most unforgettable honeymoon, or if you want, a ‘groupiemoon.’ We guess that it really depends on the type of people you and your partner are. How much room your friends take in your everyday life and how important it is for you to get some alone time.

There really isn’t a right or wrong answer, obviously, and if the idea of a ‘group honeymoon’ sounds way too far fetched to you, it’s totally understandable. However, if you put aside what is considered ‘normative’, then maybe you will find out that there is actually some sort of magic in taking along your closest people, at the end of the day, there is nothing normative anymore, especially in the wedding world, which is great news by the way.

If you decide to shake up tradition and give your honeymoon a social twist, then there are certain things you can do in order to assure you do it right and in a way that will fit your needs as a traveling couple:


No matter who you decide to travel with, make sure to set realistic expectations before you even embark on your trip. The more things will be out in the open and on the table, the less disappointments both sides would experience.

Alone time:

Make sure to guarantee a good dose of alone time for you and your partner. Whether you decide to take a break from the group every two days or go on at least two romantic dinners on your own, just make sure you won’t look back and regret that you didn’t find time for yourselves.

The guest list:

Invite only the people you know for certain you can spend time with, in a far away place, without having them get on your nerves. A group honeymoon could be the best experience of your life, but on the other hand, could be your worst nightmare if you don’t spend it with the right people. Remember, these are your peers and family, not the people you chose to spend the rest of your life with.

Let’s talk about the budget:

Make sure all parties know what to expect in terms of who pays on what and how much. It’s important to have clear and realistic expectations, otherwise it could turn out to be very uncomfortable.

The wedding high of being surrounded by the most precious people in your life and feeling of that love doesn’t need to end after you walk down the aisle, and the party can definitely go on after the heels are off, but just make sure you go about it carefully and consciously. Oh, and don’t forget to take lots and lots of selfies.