Hostels vs. Airbnb, which is the best option for you?

With so many options open to us these days, it can be tough knowing exactly what is best for us. However, we’re here to help show you that you already know what it is you want or need. With AirBnB as popular as ever and the rise of good quality hostels, it’s tough knowing which one would be better for your kind of experience. However, there are significant differences between them that will make the decision clear.

Hostels vs. Airbnb, which is the best option for you?

Prices are different

It all depends on whether you’re going for the more budget experience, or something a little more upmarket and luxurious. The fact of the matter is that the cheapest hotels are always going to be more expensive than the cheapest hostel; however, there is sometimes a middle ground, which is where it can get tricky. If you know that you want the cheapest option when it comes down to it, then your best bet is searching for some of the most competitive and reputable hostels around. There will be some concessions to make, but we’ll get to those later. AirBnB offers a wide range of places to stay, not always cheap, but not the same expensive luxury you can expect in certain hotels, it’s a great middle-of-the-road. Of course, Hotels can range from anywhere affordable to something ridiculous, but you’ll always pay more than you do at a hostel.

Privacy changes

There are actually varying levels of privacy, depending on how cheap or expensive you’re wanting to go. Of course, if you book a hotel room, you’re going to get the optimal privacy, because that’s what you’re paying for. However, there is a considerable variation in privacy when you’re considering hostels or an AirBnB, and if it’s something that means a lot to you and you’re trying to travel on a budget, then you’ll need to read closely. Most hostels, if not all, will have almost everything communal, including the bedrooms. This means they everything is shared; don’t worry, many have locked bathrooms or cubicles, but you’ll have to accept that everyone needs to use it. Some have private rooms, but they’re rare. AirBnB is an entirely different matter, you can choose your level of privacy from staying in someone’s house or renting a whole apartment.

Hostels vs. Airbnb, which is the best option for you?

Meeting new people

If you’re traveling around in the hopes of meeting new people, then all three of these have totally different approaches regarding meeting new people and interaction. If you’re staying in a hostel and everything is communal then you’re far more likely to meet people with a similar mindset to you, striking up a conversation is easy, and everyone is in a similar boat. Hotels are less natural, and since you’ll have all the privacy you want, the only place you’ll meet new people is by booking excursions, even then people may keep mostly to themselves – however, if that’s what you’re going for then, there’s nothing wrong with that either. AirBnB won’t have quite the same environment as a hostel, but you can choose if you want to stay with a host or not.

Ultimately you need to decide what kind of vacation or stay you’re looking at. AirBnB is very broad, but you can almost handpick your experience. However, hostels and hotels are very different, so it’s worth deciding how much you’re willing to spend, how much privacy you want and who you want to interact with.