The best spring break destinations

Let’s be honest; college is pretty darn stressful. You have deadlines, you have essays, you have exams, and you have 9am lectures (whose bright idea was that?). Because of this, college students often need to give themselves a break, let their hair down, and let their worries simply float away. More specifically, they need to let these worries float away as they jump on a giant inflatable unicorn on spring break. Go hard or go home, right? Spring break is an unforgettable college experience, and these are the hottest spring break destinations.


Cancun is perhaps one of the most popular spring break destinations out there, and it’s not hard to see why. This Mexican city offers endless beaches and resorts that are perfect for college revellers. Don your all-inclusive band for limitless drinks, enough food to fill you up for the next semester, and entertainment that will leave you with ringing in your ears. In a good way, of course. Could you pick a better destination for your spring break? We think not.

Dominican Republic

Considering the United States is so close to the Caribbean, it’s easier than ever for students to cross the ocean and set up their spring break shenanigans on these beautiful islands. The Dominican Republic is one of the top spring break destinations on the list and is also one of the most beautiful. From rolling sand to bending palm trees, the beaches here are screaming out to be used for party games, drinking contest, and friendly frolics.


What could be better than rollerblading down Miami beach with a drink in each hand? Not a lot. Miami has largely been associated with celebrity hangouts, but it’s becoming more accessible and affordable for college students on a budget. Yes, you can hang out on the beach, on rooftop bars, or even quirky dive bars to quench your thirst, before hitting the town and keeping an eye out for

South Padre Island

South Padre Island is just a short drive away from Texas, but it seems as though it’s a world away. While everyday travelers do make their way to this destination, the tourism board of South Padre Island knows they’ve got a good thing going on with their college students. They put on concerts for their spring breakers, they provide them with awesome accommodation, and more than enough water sports to keep them busy.

Las Vegas

Just like Vegas, what happens on spring break stays in spring break. This infamous city is becoming more and more popular with college students across the country because this Sin City is where anything goes. Although you might not be able to enjoy the beach, there are more than enough hotels and casinos that will keep you entertained for hours. As if that wasn’t enough, the nightclubs in Vegas are off the chain.

With spring break just around the corner, you should probably start thinking about where you’re going next. Are you going just down the road? Or are you going a bit further afield? These destinations will certainly spark your interest.