This is why Macau should be your next destination in Asia

Macau has been widely overlooked in comparison to many other regions and actually has a whole lot to offer. When people say they want to travel to China, they’re often referring to Hong Kong, which as a famous city has a lot to offer, but it’s fame and popularity have often dwarfed the reputation of other surrounding regions. Macau is incredibly advanced and built up, with an incredible mixture of extra-cultural influences that create the unique place it is today. Here’s why you should forget anywhere else in Asia you were planning to go and go here instead.


UNESCO World Heritage Site

There’s nothing we love more than a heritage site, as it highlights a significant cultural symbol in the world. It has a complex history but was once the home of a sophisticated trading network that hosted countries from all over the world. This site is held as a symbol of the specific relationship that China and Portugal had over this territory. UNESCO outline how this is a symbol is a reminder of inter-cultural exchange and resilience. It’s a pillar of cultural blending and tolerance, and the surroundings exemplify this by showing Buddhist temples and Catholic churches next to each other.

Blended culture

Macau was a Portuguese territory as a result of the Ming dynasty leasing the land as a trading post. This was all the back in 1557, and the territory was only returned to the Chinese governing body in 1999 under the agreement that the embed rules and culture would be maintained for 50 years. The Portuguese influence is evident within the architecture, and it is still strong today. However, Macau was then free to run its economy, and since 1999 has rapidly developed and it is now one of the world’s most prominent resort cities, with a money gaming industry that rivals Las Vegas.

Amazing adventures

Macau isn’t just a city, and it also offers some of the most thrilling activities such as bungee jumping from the Macau tower, skywalking along it or taking a turbojet ferry. There is so much to do there; it’s practically impossible to get bored. Aside from the thrill rides, there are also some more, calmer, more inspiring experiences to be had. You can go on a dolphin watching cruise or go to see the House of Dancing Water show, either will be an incredible experience.

It is rich

Not only is it rich, but it is actually the wealthiest city in Asia, which is insane but it doesn’t end there. Macau has been speculated to eventually knock Qatar out as the richest place in the world and take the top spot! This is due to the recent developments and their ability to control their own economy.


Their food is amazing

They have some seriously unique food creations, one of these is their world-famous egg tarts. These are a Portuguese influence but are an incredible experience you cannot miss out on. After all, when you go traveling it’s always best to try the native food rather than western recreations.

So, hopefully, Macau will be next on your list of places to go visit, just remember to find those egg tarts!