Pedestrian-friendly cities in the United States

The U.S. is such a beautiful country, but many people have not explored it properly. Even those who live there have not gone to all the great cities we have in this amazing nation. If you are looking for some amazing cities and you don’t want to use a car, you need to choose somewhere that is pedestrian friendly. And, there are a lot of cities in the USA that fall into this category.

If you’re looking for an excellent vacation experience in the United States, you might be looking at some variety. Here are some of the best cities up and down the country that pedestrians can visit and navigate without a vehicle. They are ideal for a weekend break or a week-long stay in the big city, and full of wonderful things to see and do.

New York City

Arguably the best city for pedestrians in the country, New York has it all. An amazing metropolis of bustling urban life, lush, sprawling greenery, five-star restaurant, hip bars, and more shops than you can shake a stick at. And, that’s before you even account for the unbelievable sightseeing options available in the city. The great thing about New York is that you don’t need a car to get around, especially if you stay in Manhattan. The New York ferry system and the subway are fantastic ways of getting around on a budget in the city.

San Francisco

Heading to California’s Bay Area provides you with plenty to see, do, and experience. The glorious waterfront and the sprawling bay is one of the best-looking cities in the country. The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the defining images of the United States and definitely needs to be seen. There are wonderful parks, and famous hills in the city and they can be hiked and enjoyed at a leisurely pace. The wonderful fog and steep rolling hills make this one of the best cities in the world to visit.


You can take a walking tour of Boston and take in the sensational sights of New England, starting with Boston Common – the oldest park in the country. The history buffs out there can walk the Freedom Trail tour, which gives 2.5 miles of wonderful and historical sites. The Boston MBTA train network and Hubway bicycles allow visitors easy access to all the different areas of the city. Boston is the ideal place for those who want a great weekend break in the city, and it’s just a stone’s throw from New York so you can combine the two in one visit.


If you fancy venturing south, you should head for Denver, the capital of Colorado. This is a beautiful city, lying on the edge of the High Plains and the Rocky Mountains. You can get around the city on the light and commuter rails, without needing to use a car. Though Denver is more of an open and sprawling city than some of the others on this list, it is still very negotiable by way of public transport. There are also a load of bike paths and cycling routes across the city, and these help with getting around.

These are just a few of the excellent choices for cities to visit in the United States. There are so many wonderful places you can go see and experience. You’ve got to try to experience many of the different areas of the country, and some of them are incredibly diverse. The good news is that these cities have some awesome public transport systems that really make it much easier to get around.