Why Your Phone’s Airplane Mode Isn’t Just for Flying

Smartphones are so advanced these days that we barely utilize all of the features they offer. And, in fact, some of the features can be really useful, occasionally just what we’re looking for. But, if you don’t know about it, how can use it, right? Well, that is exactly why you have to make sure you come up with ways of using all the features on your smartphone.

One of the niftiest features that people never use is actually known as the Airplane Mode. This is one of the coolest features on your phone and one you need to get into the habit of using as much as you can. It’s going to make you more productive, and do your phone a world of good as well. Check out all these awesome things Airplane Mode can be used for.

Removing distractions

Being productive is so hard these days when you consider the number of distractions that are around these days. And your smartphone can be one of the biggest distractions to modern life, especially because you can pretty much access anything from it. By toggling Airplane Mode on your phone, you will actually shut off the signal and prevent your phone from being able to receive calls and messages. This is a great way of keeping you in the zone and ensuring you are as productive as you can possibly be.

Charging quicker

Another of the stunning benefits of Airplane Mode is that it allows you to charge your phone up quicker. When you charge your phone normally, it can take a while to charge, especially if there are other apps and programs open. However, what you will find is that when you have the phone in Flight Mode, it will actually charge up considerably quicker. The phone uses less power in this mode, so your battery will charge quicker, and will run out much less.


There is nothing more frustrating these days than your phone battery running dead. And this is happening more frequently these days, especially because of how much we use our phones. The great thing about Airplane Mode is that it can be used to preserve battery life, and this is crucial for long business trips. Setting your phone to Airplane Mode at the start of the trip, and leaving it that way will help the battery to last a lot longer, and you’ll have more use of the phone.

You can still use your phone

Don’t think that just because your phone is in Airplane Mode, it means you can’t use it. You’ll be able to use the phone for anything that doesn’t involve a wifi connection, and this is more than you might think. You can listen to music and read documents all while preserving the battery – and you never have to turn the phone off. Think how amazing that’s going to be for your future business trips.

Airplane Mode is one of the most versatile features of your phone, but it’s one that so many people neglect to use. Now you know it’s so much more than just for flying, you can really set about using the feature to benefit you. It’s really useful for saving battery life and improving productivity at the same time.