Question you always wanted to ask flight attendants

We know that the Corona situation all over the world has changed the world of traveling and flying, but it’s important to stay prepared for the day after. Whether you’re interviewing for a brand new flight attendant or finally want to grow your wings and fly, there are five questions and good answers that often come up at interviews.

What would you do in an emergency?

Flight attendants need to be responsible for looking after the passengers and crew while in the air – even in an emergency. Interviewers will often look for people who can make decisions quickly while still keeping calm. Reassuring the interviewer you would fit your own oxygen mask before helping others and talking them through the structured emergency plan are two ways you can demonstrate you know how to remain calm under pressure.

Question you always wanted to ask flight attendants

What would you do if someone was frightened of flying?

Many passengers can become irritated during flights and is likely to be something that many flight attendants need to deal with in their careers. One of the most essential skills to demonstrate is empathy teamed with a positive attitude. People in the interview should state how they would ask if the passenger was alright before offering anything that might help put them at ease, and reassuring the passenger anxiety while flying is a common issue.

How would you cope with someone ignoring the safety instructions?

This is a way to show the interviewer that you have conflict management skills as you try and calm down a passenger and explain the importance of listening to the safety instructions. If that doesn’t work, then stating how you could ask for help from other cabin crew and inform the pilot as a last resort are also good answers that show how you think on your feet and work as part of a team.

How would you cope with conflict with a co-worker?

Working as a flight attendant means you will often be close to many other people all trying to do their job. Many of us have had conflict with co-workers in the past, and it’s important to demonstrate how we overcame the barriers. Offering up examples of what happened and explaining how you were both able to put the situation behind you is an excellent place to start. Be sure not to blame anyone else for the conflict in your answer.

Question you always wanted to ask flight attendants

How do you handle new environments?

Of course, being a flight attendant means you will be traveling all around the world and need to adapt to many new environments along the way. This answer is a way to describe that you are flexible, know how to adjust to and learn about other cultures, and are willing to discover any new country along the way. Examples of how you have done this in the past can help to showcase your adaptability to change.

Being a flight attendant means we often get to fly all around the world, but there can be many valuable skills that come with the job. The interview is the perfect time to learn all about these key talents while letting your personality shine through at the same time.