How to reduce costs when travelling around the world

Travelling is one of the only things in life where you spend money but become richer. Inspirational sayings aside, it can be pretty expensive to travel around the world, and although it is worth every pound/dollar/yen/forint the cheaper you can make it, the more of the world you will be able to see. Here are some top tips to reduce costs when traveling around the world.

Choose the right time

Every place as a low season where things are less busy and also cheaper. This differs from place to place so make sure you do your research. Usually, peak time falls in the school holidays, so if you are able to, travel when most children are at school as the prices are dramatically less. Even if you think you are going in an off-peak time, be sure to check if there is any local holiday or event that might hike up the prices of hotels, etc.

Save on accommodation

There are a few ways you can save on accommodation, as long as you are willing to be flexible. If you are staying somewhere for a while, a month-long lease will often be cheaper than several week-long leases. Some hostels can be really lovely and offer a great chance to meet new people so don’t automatically rule them out. Airbnb is another fantastic option that is usually cheaper than a hotel, or if you are really up for living the backpacker life, try couchsurfing.com!

Booking transport

When you are searching for your airline tickets, make sure you are using an incognito browser as airlines often use cookies to hike up prices. If you are able to be flexible, use a price comparison site like Skyscanner to see when you can get the cheapest airfare to certain places. Try to avoid using taxis, walk to utilize public transport. Many places offer cards or tickets that last for a few days for unlimited travel on various types of public transport and so these work out much cheaper than paying per journey.

Pack carefully

If you can, try only to pack a carry-on. Checking bags can get expensive, and chances are you can fit everything you need into a decent sized cabin bag if you really try. It’s also really freeing to travel light!

Look for free things to do

Wherever you are in the world, there will be fun adventures to have for free. In New York, for example, Central Park is free, the Staten Island Ferry is a great way to see Lady Liberty for free and certain days you can get into museums and art galleries for free. Do your research to see when and where you can go for free.

Think like a local

Although some tourist attractions are ‘must-dos,’ quite often restaurants and bars where tourists frequent seem to have an extra cost on them for convenience. For example, if you eat or drink on the Las Vegas strip, you will be paying way more than if you wander a little further off the main strip and order the same food. Find out where the locals go (ask the front desk at your hotel or your taxi driver where they recommend) and not only is it likely to be cheaper but quite often will be better too!

The more money you save when you are traveling, the more places you will be able to visit. Don’t get caught up in the excitement of a new place (you do not need to buy seven fridge magnets from every city you visit!) and plan ahead and you will have a great time – and so will your bank balance!