How to start a travel blog

Blogging has become an extremely profitable hobby over the last few years, with some bloggers even quitting their jobs and writing full time. One of the most popular blogging niches recently has become travel blogging. Imagine getting paid to travel the world and blog about your experiences?! If this sounds like the ultimate dream, then read on… We’re going to explain everything you need to start your own travel blog.

How to start a travel blog

Hosting and domain

First up, we’re going to get a bit techy. You’re going to want to choose a domain name, which will double up as your blog and brand name. Pick something that explains who you are and what you do, without making it too long. For example, FlorencesBlogAboutTravel is a little bit too long. Whereas FloTravels rolls off the tongue and will be easier for people to remember. Use a domain name tool to check the domain name you want isn’t taken and snap it up before someone else does. Most people opt to use WordPress as a platform for their blog, as it’s easy to use and customize. Find a hosting company that offers WordPress hosting within your budget, then add your domain. You’re (almost) ready to go.

The right equipment

If you’re going to become a travel blogger, then it’s imperative you have the right equipment. First up, you’re going to want something to blog on. A laptop will be handy, just make sure it’s compact and light enough for you to take with you on your travels. This model might do the trick. Alternatively, you could blog on a tablet (like this iPad for instance), but you might be slightly restricted in terms of what you can do. The next thing any top travel blogger needs is a decent camera! How are you going to share photos of all the fabulous places you’ve been to if you don’t have a camera? If you’ve got the budget for it, get the best camera equipment that you can. However, you can also use your phone camera or buy this excellent camera – when you’ve started making money travel blogging, you’ll then be able to upgrade.

How to start a travel blog

Social media

No wannabe travel blogger will ever get anywhere without social media. Separate your blog and personal accounts, so that you attract the right audience. People interested in travel don’t necessarily want to see the pajamas you got for Christmas. Instagram is the ultimate social network for travel bloggers, as it’s very image heavy. However, you may also want to consider a Facebook and Twitter account, as more of these social network users are likely to click on your blog. If you’ve got a camera that can record video, it may also be worth setting up a YouTube account so that you can vlog some of your adventures.

Get traveling

Now all of the basics are in place, it’s time to start traveling! You’re going to want a little bit of money behind you when you first start, as it could take a while before brands notice you; meaning you’re not going to get paid to travel from the get go. You don’t need to quit your job and go all out in the beginning. Simply blog about the travels you’ve already been on, your weekend getaways, and those summer vacations. Before long, you’ll be bringing in enough followers, readers, and engagement to start contacting brands.

Travel blogging is a tough thing to get into if you don’t have the patience. Free vacations aren’t just going to fall into your lap straight aware, so be prepared to put the hours in and work hard. Take great photos, write great tips about each place your visit, and engage with your fans. It won’t be long before you’re traveling the world and getting paid for the privilege.

How to start a travel blog