Tips from a family of four who quit their jobs to travel the world full-time

Family time is precious and can lead to plenty of new and exciting memories. These parents took their young family one step further. Prepare for the birth of the @bucketlistfamily! After packing their bags to head on the adventure of a lifetime, parents Jessica and Garett have plenty of tips on how they have made their traveling lives work by creating an online persona for themselves.

Stand out from the crowd

In a world of 7.4 billion people, it can be hard to stand out. However, these parents admit it is vital to find your selling point. Whether it is taking unique photos such as picturesque underwater shots, or traveling to a certain number of countries in a set time; to reach fame you need a selling point that will always keep people coming back for more. For this pair, it is their family life and adventures they share with their three children!

Using your skills

Jessica and Garett admit they have always had a love of journal keeping. So when it came time to decide on their online pages, they opted for a way they could capture all their precious memories forever while also pursuing careers. What skills do you possess? It could be blog writing, photography, or vlogs of your travels. It’s time to put those talents to good use and turn them into a real money maker.

Be yourself

After all, it will be much easier to keep up your online antics if you are just being you. These parents admit that in their vlogs they talk as if they are telling the stories to their friends and family back home. Your followers will love the honesty, and fall in love with your content thanks to its individuality. If you try and act as though you’re someone you’re not, you could find yourself losing out on potential business and upset your fans.

All about meaning

One of the most important parts of creating online pages is to create something that is meaningful to your family, according to Jessica and Garett. The parents admit they use Instagram as a way to hold onto the memories of the family adventures so will only post photos that capture their time together. If you aren’t in love with your content, then it may come across in your posts.

Reach out to the fans

The fans are the ones that will make your lives possible! Without a following, it may be hard to live a life on the road as traveling extraordinaires. Jessica and Garett state that it’s better to build up a relationship with a small following than it is to have thousands of fans that never interact with your content. This could be asking questions in your posts, setting up polls, or creating competitions. Whatever it is you choose to do, don’t forget about the people that make your lifestyle possible.

Find the brands

You may be surprised at how many brands are willing to team up with people that are building themselves on social media. If you know you want to work with a particular company, then look at the other content they are putting out there. Could you recreate it with your own unique spin? Brands may not start sponsoring you straight away, and you may just receive some free content in return for some promotions on your page. However, as your fan base continues to grow, the paychecks may just soon start rolling in.

It may sound daunting, but the @bucketlistfamily have shown the world how you can raise a young family while still getting to take in all the sights the world has to offer. Just imagine raising your family in a new country every month. Could you soon be booking your plane tickets to join them on this incredible adventure?