What does traveling have to do with getting your heart broken?

How can traveling possibly be related to anything negative, not to say, getting your heart broken? After all, when a person, a couple or a group of people decide they want to embark on a journey, it’s all about the fun of aspects. No one really plans a trip thinking of the bad aspects of it, because traveling, to most people, equals fun. It all starts from the planning stage.

You choose a destination, then you decide how long you need for your vacation. Next, you have to think about the type of accommodation you want to stay in, keeping in mind the budget, of course. You can’t fly without a plane ticket, obviously, so that has to be taken care of as well. Then, you have the list. That never-ending list of things you need to pack and take along. When all the logistics are over, then you actually have the trip itself to enjoy when all you have to worry about is how to keep your mind off the things that are going on back home. As much as it sounds like a lot of ‘work’, we all know that traveling is fun and planning is just 20% of it, but it can also be fun. However, have you ever wondered, that maybe, just maybe, all of that building up and anticipation, and traveling on its own could somehow backfire on you one day?

If you ever sat on the plane on your way home after you’ve experienced the most amazing places on earth, and instead of feeling fulfilled and happy, you feel sadness, then you ought to understand what we mean by having your heart broken. Every trip, journey or adventure has an ending, that’s just part of the whole concept of taking time off, but not everyone can deal with that idea. These are 5 reasons why traveling can actually break your heart and leave you with a post-travel-trauma. It does have its good sides though, it might just push you into planning your next trip faster than you can, because even just planning can be therapeutic in its own special way.

You fall in love with a place just to leave it later

Falling in love with a place is an actual thing. It could be the vibes, the smells, the people or anything else in the air that may make you feel that undeniable chemistry. The problem is (or maybe it’s not a problem) that when you’re having fun, time flies and all of a sudden you find yourself with butterflies and mixed emotions about the thought of leaving the place you just fell in love with. The problem is that many times this happens towards the end of your journey, so you don’t even have the opportunity to fall in love with a new place.

You don’t know when you’ll go back

It’s not even just about falling in love with the place and then having to leave it, it’s also about the idea that you don’t know when you’ll get the opportunity to go back. For most people, taking time off to go on a vacation, is not an obvious thing. People work and have responsibilities, not to say that traveling can be an expensive experience. In addition, you might want to experience other places instead of going to the place you’ve already been to. So yes, not knowing when you’ll get a chance to go back, can be quite depressing.

You didn’t get to do everything you wanted to

There are all kinds of travelers – those who prefer a laid back vacation and are not worried about exploring every single corner of a specific place, and you have those who feel like they are in a rush to go to all the the hidden gems that TripAdvisor offers. Either way, when you leave a place, you always leave in a sense that you could have done so much more. There’s always that one restaurant or museum you wish you had visited, but didn’t have the time to do so.

You know what’s in store for you back home

Oh life, no matter how blessed we might be (you know you are blessed when you have the opportunity to travel somewhere), life can get exhausting. Whether it’s school, work, parenting, family or even relationships, life is a lot of work, and when we take time off from our mundane lives, we can’t help but not get disappointed when we return home. The only thing you can really do is jump straight back into that pool of routine and go on with your life.

You’ll miss your vacation mode

If you know how to do traveling right, then you know that the number one rule is create a routine that is entirely different from the one you led back home. The only ‘problem’ with that new routine, is that you get used to it faster than you can imagine. You take your time more in the morning, you go out and have your cup of coffee, it might also be at a local coffee shop that you fell in love it, and your day just goes on and on from there. When you return home, reality strikes and you realize that life isn’t one big vacation and the good life you got used to when you were traveling, is nothing more than a sweet-long memory.