Actors and their hilariously awkward moments on set

The life of a Hollywood actor or actress certainly has its perks, from the fact that everyone knows your name, to the awards, to that big fat paycheck. However, working in show business is not without its fair share of prickly patches. Many actors have been through some truly awkward situations on set, and sometimes things have gotten pretty cringeworthy. We’ll see if you still want to be an actor after this.

Not so epic after all

One of the most iconic kisses in film history (at least as far as superhero movies go) is the upside down kiss between Spiderman and Mary Jane.

But while all of us at home rooted for Peter Parker happily, apparently Tobey Maguire was the only one who didn’t enjoy it at all. Not only was he uncomfortable hanging upside down, but the water that the filmmakers used to simulate the rain was getting in his nose, making the whole experience quite unbearable for him.

Just friends

Another one of the most classic fictional trios of all time is that of Harry, Ron, and Hermione, from the Harry Potter franchise. This friendship of theirs extended to their real life too, but a romantic fling never sparked between any of them.

For that reason, it was especially awkward when they were forced to embrace intimately in the film. Emma Watson had to do this twice, once with Daniel Radcliffe (when Ron hallucinates Harry kissing Hermione), and again later when Hermione kisses Ron for real.

Have a nice trip

Television shows such as Baywatch, where the lifeguards run across the beach with their flawless bodies, can sometimes give off the impression that these cast members are practically perfect in every way.

Well, there might be something to that, but they certainly aren’t perfect. In the recent Baywatch film adaptation, Zac Efron accidentally tripped while running on the sand, falling on his face. Well, if he can have a bad day, perhaps we all can as well.

Please open the window

Kristen Schaal is one of those actresses that can surprise you on the turn of a dime, and nowhere was this more true when she shared an intimate scene with fellow actor Will Forte.

She was sitting on his lap, and felt compelled to warn him about something she was about to do. She told him she was about to let loose some gas – and then she followed through, doing exactly that. We hope things didn’t smell too bad after that.

A tad too early

One of the hardest things about being in show business is when you are forced to do a scene that puts you in the utmost place of vulnerability.

Anne Hathaway was forced to do an especially revealing scene in one of her movies, but that’s not what people remembered on set. It’s not so much what she did, but when she did it. Let’s just say that she got ready for the scene a little bit too early, and she was quite embarrassed when she saw that everyone was still rehearsing.

Smeagol’s mistake

Andy Serkis is well known for his portrayal of CGI generated characters such as Gollum from Lord of the Rings, and Caesar from Planet of the Apes.

Part of the technology that enables him to bring these characters to life is a device where people can see exactly what he’s looking at – but there was one incident where it got the better of him. After shooting a scene, he was forced to go to the restroom – but when he got back, he realized the device had never turned off…

The rant

This may be perhaps one of the most famously awkward moments that’s ever happened on set. It all started when a lighting crew member walked in front of Christian Bale’s line of view while he was shooting a scene.

Bale was so aggravated about this that he immediately started chastising the crew member in front of everyone. His tone was aggressive, and lasted around three minutes long. He has since apologized, but people there never forgot how awkward it was.

Katniss Ever-Sit

In an interview with Graham Norton promoting his film Passengers, Chris Pratt had a bit of an uncomfortable moment with his co-star, Jennifer Lawrence.

She joked about a past experience while on the Hunger Games set in Hawaii, where locals got upset because she accidentally displaced a sacred boulder after sitting on it. Chris Pratt, however, wasn’t laughing, having lived for a stint of his life in Hawaii, and empathizing with their sacred culture.

Pestering pimple

When Dave Franco prepared for a romantic scene in the comedy film Neighbors, where he’d be revealing himself in a way he never had before, he was slightly nervous about it.

But to make matters even more nerve wracking for him, he discovered a pimple on his backside on the morning he was supposed to shoot the scene. But even though he knew it would be awkward, he asked the makeup director if she could cover it up beforehand.

Stay on topic

Tom Hardy is one of the most well respected actors of our time, and it’s mainly thanks to his outstanding versatility.

In the movie Legend, he plays two roles, one of them being a member of the LGBT community. He played the role well, but when an interviewer off the set asked him about his real life involvement with the aforementioned community, Hardy didn’t appreciate it. It seemed like Hardy just wanted to talk about the movie, and that’s very understandable.

Wardrobe accident

Whether we’re a famous actor or a guest in someone’s home, it’s always important to take care of the things of others.

Actress Alison Brie seems like a lady who has proper values, which is why she felt super awkward when she had a “bathroom accident” with her wardrobe clothes on the set of Mad Men. Let’s just say her vintage dress and girdle were never quite the same after that… but she probably managed to laugh it off eventually.

Age difference

The thing about on-screen romances is that sometimes they can be deceiving – but not always in the ways that we think.

For instance, in the film adaptation of the broadway hit Phantom of the Opera, Emmy Rossum had romantic scenes with both Gerard Butler and Patrick Wilson. It all looked pretty normal on screen – but in real life it was weird, because Rossum was 18 at the time, and her fellow actors were over the age of 30.

Here we go again

As much as certain actors or actresses try to keep a smile when they’re getting interviewed, sometimes people can cross the line – and things can get awkward in those moments.

For instance, when the Avengers cast was getting interviewed, they asked Scarlett Johansson how she always manages to stay in shape. She didn’t appreciate this, saying that she’s always required to answer the same old question, while co-star Robert Downey Jr. always get to answer the cool movie-related questions.


Julia Louis-Dreyfus wasn’t always known as Elaine Benes from Seinfeld, nor Selina Meyer from Veep.

When she was just starting out in the 80s, she starred in a movie with Woody Allen – and had an awkward moment where she totally lost her head for a moment. In a scene where Allen says, “Wait, stop,” Julia kept thinking that Allen was trying to stop the scene. Even after Allen said, “No, no, that’s the line,” she made the same mistake again.

Mclovin momma

If you’re looking for a classic coming-of-age high school comedy, look no further than Superbad.

And within its ranks of excellent cast members was the epic debut performance of Christopher Mintz-Plasse, who portrayed the transcendent Mclovin. But as awesome as Christopher was, it was a bit awkward for him when he was forced to shoot his romance scene – while his mother was watching on set. Needless to say, something like that would never happen to the real Mclovin.

Golf cart tumble

When Keira Knightley starred in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace alongside Ewan McGregor, there was a slightly awkward moment that took place while she was riding one of the golf carts.

Ewan was having a bit of fun, hanging on to the edge while Keira was being driven. After the driver started to horse around with the steering wheel, trying to get Ewan to fly off, he ended up staying on, but Keira wasn’t as lucky. She fell off the cart, and unfortunately her robe flew off as well.

All eyes on Margot

When we watch professional actors engage in romantic scenes on screen, it looks like the most natural thing in the world to us.

We choose to believe it’s real, and perhaps this is the point of film entertainment. But even though Margot Robbie’s intimate scene with Leonardo DiCaprio was memorable for all who saw it, she was certainly nervous before she did it – especially because Martin Scorsese was directing. But she sucked it up, and did the scene gracefully.

Awkward kiss

When James McAvoy starred in the action film Wanted, he was a bit intimidated by the fact that he would be sharing a kiss with the captivating Angelina Jolie.

He didn’t really know her at the time, and he was unsure how it was going to go. But when the time came to shoot the scene, she executed it confidently, and James felt a little bit flummoxed. Let’s just say that these scenarios are proof that it’s good to get to know someone beforehand.

Under her spell

Jesse Metcalfe had a pretty big crush on his Desperate Housewives co-star Eva Longoria, which is something we totally understand.

So when it was time for his character to have a romantic scene with Eva’s character, the line between fantasy and reality became a bit blurred. Metcalfe stayed professional about it, but there are some things you just can’t help. After one passionate scene between them, they asked him to get up, to which he responded, “I need a minute.”

Rough first impression

When you first start out at any job, it’s natural to want to be extra nice to people – and this is true in Hollywood too.

When Oscar Isaac (star of X-Men: Apocalypse) was starting out, he acted on a movie called Illtown in the 90s. He greeted everyone enthusiastically with a head nod and a positive hello. That is, he did that until the director got fed up with his enthusiasm and had an outburst on set, saying, “Every time! This kid. Why do you do that?” Yikes.

Bold suggestion

Being a director of a film entails coming up with ways to get the cast to interact well with each other – but sometimes those ways are stranger than others.

For instance, when director Alex Kurtzman was trying to get his Mummy cast members, Tom Cruise and Sofia Boutella, to kindle some romantic chemistry, he asked Sofia to lick Tom’s face. Sounds pretty crazy, right? They thought so too, but they were forced to bite the bullet.

Mean prop master

Rachel Bloom, the star of the hit musical comedy series Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, is quite open to the public that she isn’t perfect. In fact, that’s part of what makes her show so appealing.

But just because she says it, it doesn’t allow others to say negative things about her. While attempting unsuccessfully to fold towels during a scene on the show, she said that it was the “worst acting” she’d ever done. A nearby prop master bluntly responded, “No.” Well that just hurts.

Pranking Dr. Strange

Pranks can be fun if you’re a senior in high school, but who would’ve expected pranks to be commonplace on a Hollywood set?

While filming Star Trek: Into Darkness, Simon Pegg decided to falsely tell everyone that they needed to put “neutron cream” on their faces to combat certain ions that were in the air. Benedict Cumberbatch especially took the bait, appearing on set with it completely smeared on his face. Finally, Pegg awkwardly told him the truth in front of everyone.